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editing photoAs this time of year is often associated with making personal and professional renovations, I am excited to announce that Ursuline’s blog platform has developed into an online edition of the College’s magazine, VOICES. Having been published since 2008, VOICES is the main news source for everything Ursuline. The online edition will feature all the great things that Ursuline fans have grown accustomed to reading about in the printed version plus online stories added weekly, providing an interactive and relevant experience for our readers.

Below is my editor’s letter from the printed edition of VOICES (out February 1). The theme of this issue is community, how strong Ursuline values have carried the institution even through difficult times. We also showcase the great things that individuals in the Ursuline Community are doing and the lives they continue to touch. I hope you feel a sense of hope in how a small, Catholic, women-focused College in Ohio can work together to make a positive difference in the world.

I often remind my kids that they will face challenges – some will be big and some small – and be tested every day. How they choose to handle those challenges will show and build their character.

I’m in awe of the way the administration came together to handle the aftermath of the tornado that hit campus. The group is made up of strategic thinkers, problem-solvers and creative scholars who collectively have ensured the future of the College and, in a time of crisis, helped ease the minds of those they oversee. The way the group used their collaborative strengths is an example of the defining outcomes of the liberal arts education the College teaches.VOICES_winter_14_5-1

I have the privilege to attend the many President’s Council meetings where administrators strategize and diligently go over each detail of how to get the campus back to normal. Through the various discussions and itemized reports from each department, the overarching concern is consistently for Ursuline’s students. This care for students is what defines the College’s character.

The struggles that Ursuline athletes face in traveling off-campus for practices and games, missing necessary time for their homework, friends and college life, are considerable. They continue to handle these challenges with grace and perseverance and maintain their determi- nation in this uncertain time. With support from the College, our athletes have become strong women who will exude character as they face future challenges.

The Winter 2014 issue of VOICES is dedicated to all Ursuline athletes and coaches who, day after day, make the best of a difficult situation. 

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