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Ursuline College was chosen by Google Glass to be part of the Glass Explorer Program. The College picked up its’ pair at the company’s office in New York City this past summer.

Google Glass is a wearable computer developed by Google that is equipped with an “optical head- mounted display.” The lens-free glasses are like a hands-free smart phone that individuals can use to surf the Internet, make calls, text message, record video and more, via voice commands all displayed in front of the user’s eyes.

Ursuline’s Alumnae Director Tiffany Mushrush Mentzer ’03 saw Google Glass on the Today Show when the company introduced its’ Google+ and Twitter contest. Mushrush Mentzer decided to enter.

“I thought it would be the perfect way to show the world the only women’s focused college in Ohio – show others our values, voice and vision,” Mushrush Mentzer said. “Selected students, alumnae, faculty and staff are using Glass to show their view of Ursuline College. It is a great way to showcase Ursuline’s campus to prospective students.”

Applicants chosen for the Glass Explorer program were required to post how they would use Google Glass on Google+ or Twitter in 50 words or less along with the hashtag #ifihadglass. Successful applicants, including Ursuline, were required to attend a training event at one of Google Glass’ main offices.

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Check out the College’s Google Glass vision at

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