Art Therapy and Counseling in Ecuador: creative expression with los ninos

ecuador mosaic

We arrived at elementary school ISPED Manuela Canizares in Quito in the morning (March 10). Students were enthusiastically singing their national anthem and reciting the Ecuadorean pledge of allegiance our group. After the warm welcome, we split into groups of 20 four-year-old children in each group. Our individual groups greeted each of us with an abundance of energy, excitement and hugs.  They were eager to use the art materials and we were excited to share our creative knowledge. Along with creating beautiful artwork , we interacted with the children through song, play and a variety of other activities.

At the school, we also had the privilege of partnering with Miguel Angelo, a local art professor. Yes, that’s right, just liked the famous artist Michael Angelo. Together we collaborated on a beautiful landscape mural painting for a new addition to the children’s wing of the school.

Following our day at the school, we took some Spanish and salsa dance lessons. The Spanish lessons were filled with learning and laughter. Our new knowledge will be helpful in working with the Spanish speaking community in Quito. Later, we met up at a Salsa dance studio to have a private group lesson with an instructor named Manuel. We learned the various steps, shakes and shimmies that comprise the Salsa tradition.

Buenas noches! Te hablo luego!

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