H.E.L.P Malawi Sewing journey: day one


by Molly Sabolsky, Nursing Student

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this first day at the school was. We entered the yard of the school and we were greeted by so many beautiful, smiling faces. It was overwhelming – so many of the children wanted to touch our hands.

I think the theme of this trip is “go with the flow.” After setting up the sewing room, we were told that we would not have power until the next day, so our sewing machines were not going to work. We switched up our game plan and decided to teach our hand sewing lesson instead.

Fifteen students signed up for our class. We taught them how to sew buttons and stitches. The students were so eager to learn and they caught on very fast.

I know it has only been one day but without a doubt I can already tell this next week and a half is going to be life changing. In one day, I have already been moved to tears a few times. We have had a classroom filled with children singing to us and children jumping into our arms to give us hugs.

Although in some ways we are changing these children’s lives by teaching them the skill of sewing, they are changing our lives so much more. I feel so blessed to be here and I am excited for some more time with these amazing kids (and maybe to see an elephant too).

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