Fridays with B&B: relishing in all things Cleveland, part one


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After taking a “Good Friday” break last week, we are talking Cleveland: Why Becca loves her hometown and how Britt is growing to feel the same about her new home. We had the opportunity to grab lunch in Ohio City with the blogger behind I Heart Cleveland, Charity D’Amato –  aka, a fabulous resource for all things Cleveland! Below is the first installment of our two-part series featuring Charity. Part two to come soon!


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Charity: How long have you guys lived in Cleveland?
Britt: I’m originally from Toronto, so I’ve only been here for about three years. Your tips will be helpful to me as well.
Charity: I’m not from Cleveland either. I’ve lived her for fifteen years, so I’m from Cleveland now because I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere. It’s pretty easy to navigate once you get your bearings.
Becca: I’m a native of Cleveland, but I feel like in recent years I feel like Cleveland has, or is having, a renaissance.
Charity: When I talk to people who have grown up here too, it’s like you grow up here and you don’t have the ability to drive yourself around as a kid so you do whatever your parents do. Once you get your independence, you realize there’s these neighborhoods in Cleveland I’ve never been to before.


Townhall, Ohio City (lunch location) 

Britt: For someone who is an incoming freshman, maybe 18, thinking about attending Ursuline, why Cleveland?
Charity: Not only is it a very easy to navigate city, it’s a friendly city and it’s very affordable. That might not be important right away, but compared to New York or Chicago, we are so affordable. You can get an apartment, you can go out to dinner, you can go to a baseball game, and it’s all pretty affordable. I think that’s something young people should look for. You can have your school life, but also be a part of a community.
Britt: What are some of those things?
Charity: Indians games, or Browns games if you’re a football fan. We have great vintage shopping in Cleveland – I love to vintage shop. All very affordable compared to the bigger cities. Fitness, we have great yoga studios and spinning studios. Eating out – Cleveland has a great market for restaurants. The theater – Playhouse Square has student deals. All those little theaters – Cleveland Public Theater. Beachland Ballroom – Sunday night, you can always see a good show. On the westside, you have Happy Dog where you can see live music. There’s always opportunities whether your looking at arts, sports, entertainment. shopping. I’m really into vintage shopping – I like the hunt of it.


Cleveland’s Theater District

Britt: What are some of your favorite vintage shops?
Charity: Sweet Loraine is one of my favorites.
Becca: I just went there for the first time two weekends ago! It was fabulous.
Charity: Isn’t it fun? There’s also a place called Chelsea’s, close to 116th and Detroit. They do a lot of costume rentals there and have a huge vintage store collection. I also like Flower Child in Lakewood.
Britt: What’s your neighborhood?
Charity: Well, I live on the westside but I like all neighborhoods. We go out a lot in Ohio City. Last summer, we did a stay-cation where we rode our bikes from Lakewood and stayed in Cleveland Hostel. We barhopped and stayed in all the restaurants here. It was so fun, because we woke up and we were a part of the city. We had breakfast and rode back. We love Tremont too, Tremont has some shopping. I like Gordon Square too. I love Gypsy Beans. They have a wonderful bakery and good coffee. And Capitol Theater if you like going to the movies….


Check back soon for part two of our conversation with Charity and why she started I Heart Cleveland. Hint, we love Cleveland and we hope you do (or will) too! 

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