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fall fashion edit2 By Anne Marie Gurko ’09, Alumnae Specialist/Adjunct Fashion Faculty

Fall is quickly approaching, and, while you’re still in summer mode, weighing in the back of your mind is a mental checklist of what you need to pack to head back to campus. You most likely have not committed to putting this list on paper in fear it will confirm that you summer break is officially over. Fret no longer. I have compiled a quick list that will help you focus on wardrobe necessities so you can in turn focus on loading the car up with your laptop, mini fridge and every book and notebook you won’t be able to survive the semester without. Feel free to add and subtract items. Here we go…

fall fashion edit

Jeans: You’ll want to bring at least five pairs of jeans. Be sure to pack different types: a few pairs of your favorite everyday broken in jeans, as those will be your go-to’s; a comfy pair for the days when you really don’t feel like getting out of your pajamas but have to; and, a dressy pair to pair with high heels to wear to go out with friends.

Dresses and Skirts: Ideally I would pack at least one little black dress, a black skirt (not too short) and a simple maxi dress.  All of these items can be very versatile, the little black dress can be worn to events, out with friends, or, if paired with a blazer, would be great for any important meetings or presentations. Remember if you pack a skirt make sure it is something that can be dressed up or down. A solid maxi dress is nice because you can always layer it with a scarf and blazer as fall approaches (and they are super comfy!).

Tops: Make sure you pack a variety of sleeve lengths, as the weather will be changing throughout the fall semester. A few tank tops are great to wear alone or for layering. Pack at least two short sleeve and two long sleeve shirts. I also suggest a dressy top that is versatile enough to pair with a skirt, jeans or dress pants. You can never go wrong with a white button down shirt, it is classic and looks great on everyone (plus, they are super versatile). Don’t forget to bring your favorite cozy sweater along too; there will definitely be a day between August and December that it will come in handy.

Jackets: Summer is so great because we are so care free and rarely worried about needing a jacket. In the fall and winter, suddenly jacket weather sneaks up on us. I would suggest at least one cute jacket, whether it’s a little pea coat, a motorcycle jacket, blazer or just waterproof zip up. One functional coat something that keeps you dry and warm and is neutral enough to go with just about everything. Bring one winter jacket (ugh I dread even thinking about pulling mine out anytime soon), because you will be thankful you have it on the days that you need it.

Shoes: I hope you saved room for this one. Let’s start out with flats. I would suggest two pairs, because they don’t take up a ton of space.  One pair can be basic and neutral and the other pair can be in a fun color or print. Athletic shoes, you will most likely want at least one pair even if you’re not playing a sport this semester. Having a pair of athletic shoes is always a great idea in case you decide to hit up the gym or just need to get from one end of campus to the other in a hurry. Flip flops are a great idea too especially for the beginning of the semester while you are still in summer mode; these are great for in the shower too. It’s always great to have a pair of black pumps handy for those days you need to dress up or those nights out with your friends, plus, they’re versatile and can complete many looks.  Just like the winter jacket, you will eventually need a good, warm, sturdy pair of winter boots to get you around campus on those cold, rainy and snowy days. Be sure not to leave them behind, because when the weather changes you will be glad you brought them along.

fall fashion editDorm Wear: You will probably spend a lot of nights studying in your coziest pieces, so I would suggest  a few pairs of lounge pants, a pair of lounge shorts, some tank tops, oversized tees and sweatshirts are always a good idea, and probably a favorite hoody in case you get chilly.

Accessories: Depending on your style, these can change. AS for basics, I would suggest a scarf, as scarves are great to pair it with just about anything and it can finish off an outfit while keeping you warm. A sturdy and large purse. At first you might think you want something small but by the end of the semester you may want to go bigger. Your purse will most likely become your catch all and home to not only your usual purse items like lotion, gum and wallet, but it will also hold notecards, pens, notebooks and even a laptop or tablet. Make sure your purse is large enough, the more zippers and pockets the better and most importantly that it’s durable; you don’t want it falling apart on you mid-semester.

I hope you found this list helpful. Though it may seem like a lot just remember, these pieces will get you through the semester for a variety of events, situations and weather situations. And don’t forget you may not be able to get more clothes until you visit home at Thanksgiving break and you may fall behind on your laundry with that busy class schedule you will have.

To learn about Ursuline Fashion program, visit ursuline.edu/fashion.

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