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glassBy Maggie Stark ’14

During my time working for the College’s marketing department, I have had the incredible opportunity to discover cutting-edge technology through the Google Glass Explorer Program. Like all newly released gadgets, there is an inevitable need for developers to work out bugs. However, it was exciting for me to witness first-hand the progress of Google Glass over the past year while capturing moments from my senior year of college.

Most recently, Google has tremendously improved the available Glassware. I was thrilled the day I logged in to MyGlass account and found new applications for recipes, music, marketing news, games and even an English plus foreign word of the day. These additions were revolutionary!

I am now able to use the Field Trip app to get alerts on local history and hidden gems at my exact GPS location. My favorite of the new apps is World Lens. When looking at a select number of foreign languages, I am able to see the word converted to English in real-time. This would have been helpful during my recent service trip to Malawi, Africa.

Although World Lens was not accessible to translate Chichewa into English, I was able to wear Glass during a community-wide sewing day in Malawi. This strange “computer on my face” amazed the children in Malawi, but even in America I am asked if I am a spy or a space ranger while wearing Glass. In an attempt to further explain what I was wearing, I showed some of the children how Glass works. They passed them around and referred to them as ‘computer face’. Their excitement and awe made me realize how technologically advanced our culture is compared to other countries.

Not many people can say they are able to keep a tangible record of the moments that were significant in their lives. I had the opportunity to capture a monumental milestone in my life – all through Glass. Sitting in a row among my friends at the Wolstein Center for Ursuline’s commencement ceremony, I anxiously waited for the School of Arts and Sciences to be called to the stage. I adjusted the eyewear and tapped the familiar touch-pad to prepare Glass for my command. “Okay Glass, record a video.”

The stage marshals ushered me forward, fixing my white hood as I inched my way to the commencement stage. When my turn approached and, “Maggie Stark” was read aloud, flashes from cameras went off rapidly and before I knew it, I was back in my seat. It was such an exciting moment that it became a blur in a matter of seconds. Luckily that quick moment was recorded on Google Glass.

Ursuline’s marketing department provided me the unique opportunity to capture many exciting things around Ursuline and in my own life as a senior student that I would not have otherwise had the chance to do. It’s opened my eyes to new things and new people, new technology and new skills.

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