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Dying young: the Birmingham bombings

Photo Credit: Google Images

By Timothy K. Kinsella, Ph.D.,  head of the History Department and Director of the Master of Liberal Arts Program at Ursuline College. 

Addie May Collins (age 14)
Carole Robertson (age 14)

Cynthia Wesley (age 14)
Denise McNair (age 11)

For many of us, these names are unknown. They are the four young African-American girls killed, with twenty-two others injured, in the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama on September 15, 1963. This bombing took place only eighteen days after Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” in Washington D.C. and at the very beginning of integration efforts in Birmingham.

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Fat Talk


By Avery Friedman, CNN Legal Analyst and Ursuline College Distinguished Visiting Professor in Constitutional Law

In 1920 women were given the right to vote.

In 1963 women were entitled by law to be paid in the same way men are paid.

In 1981, Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

In 2007 Nancy Pelosi became the first female Speaker of the House.

Job and professional opportunities have never been greater. So why is it that – – after all this – – – 54% of women would rather be hit by a truck than be fat? (You read that right.)

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Ursuline College Librarian, Author Amanda Flower’s first Children’s Book Nominated for Agatha Award

dbf7d561bdd88cf49110b5987ef177b9_g77wAuthor and Ursuline College’s Head of Bibliographic Services Amanda Flower’s first Children’s Book was nominated for an Agatha Award. The book, titled Andi Unexpected, is a mystery about a twelve-year-old science geek Andora ‘Andi’ Boggs and her teenage sister, Bethany, who move to rural Killdeer, Ohio after the sudden death of their parents in the jungles of Central America.

“In the upstanding tradition of Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy, Andi is spunky and unafraid to take risks, though she draws the line when Colin’s life is threatened. Flower, an accomplished adult mystery author, offers here her first work for children, but not her last—sequels are on the way,” according to a review in Booklist.

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Avoiding the Misdemeanor


By Avery Friedman, CNN Legal Analyst and Ursuline College Distinguished Visiting Professor in Constitutional Law

Why do men do these things? The fact that our nation outlawed sexual harassment in the workplace nearly fifty years ago is hardly breaking news. Getting the job. Working on the job. I just want to say to the guys, knock it off already! There’s absolutely no place in the workplace where demeaning behavior is permitted which makes getting work or staying on the job harder.

Maybe it’s generational. Bob Filner, the 71-year-old former mayor of San Diego, entered pleas late last year because of his unwanted hands-on style with women of all ages who worked under him.

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Fashion Professor Connie Korosec talks keeping your closet organized on WKYC-TV

Ursuline receives NCATE, CAEP accrediation for Education Unit, one of six colleges in country

121219133606-3The National Council for Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE) and The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the newly established educator accreditation organization, granted Ursuline’s Education Unit professional accreditation for its undergraduate and graduate education programs. Ursuline is one of six colleges in the country to receive this dual accreditation, which is valid until spring 2020.

“We are thrilled to be one of only a handful of educator preparation institutions in the country to have achieved this dual status. This recognition of our excellent programs reflects the quality of our graduates and their rigorous preparation for their places in the education community,” Jeanne Sternad, Ursuline Education Unit Executive Director, said.

This accreditation indicates that the College’s Education Unit meets the demanding standards set forth by the professional education community. It also means that Ursuline students are well prepared for state licensing standards and can compete with teachers anywhere in the United States.

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