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Ursuline College hosts Annual Senior Art Exhibit, opening April 25

senior show

Eight seniors in the Ursuline College Studio Art and Visual Communications Design programs will present their work in the exhibition titled 2014 Senior Show April 25 – May 16. The exhibition kicks off with an Opening Reception on Friday, April 25, from 5 to 9 PM in the Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Gallery on the Ursuline College campus, 2550 Lander Road, Pepper Pike, Ohio.


Miranda Meisel (metalcraft), Elissa Burkhart (metalcraft and drawing), Alyx Cyr (painting and sculpture) Maureen Kelly (graphic design), Stephanie Pratt (ceramics and graphic design), Ashley Reinhart (graphic design), Keely Smith (painting) and Maggie Stark (installation, photography and metal work).

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Women Watch: remembering women and children, victims of violent crimes


The Ursuline College community will gather at 2:30 PM Monday, Mar 31 for Women Watch, an annual tribute to the women and children in Cuyahoga County who have died violently during the past year, and Sr. Joanne Marie Mascha who was murdered in a wooded area on campus by a mentally ill neighbor in 1995. Women Watch is hosted annually by the student-run Sr. Dorothy Kazel Club and Student Art Organization.

“We walk to remember those who have died violent deaths but also to remember to be nonviolent,” Ursuline Art Department professor Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot, O.S.U., M.F.A., said.

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Behind-the-scenes: Senior Art Show 2014


Njobvu. March 2014. Photograph by Maggie Stark. © 2014

Well, it’s official. The Senior Art Show is scheduled for April 25th– May 16th, with the opening reception on April 25th from 5 – 9pm. 

Time flew by uber quick. I still remember the exact seat I plopped down on for the first day of my first art class I ever took! Now, I can call myself a real artist – focusing on a body of work & preparing for my big show!

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Spring livin’ suggestions: recognizing women photographers


Alright – we are in the final stretch of winter. (We promise!) Only 8 more days ’till it is officially spring. To help you get ready for the season, we are sharing our spring 2014 suggestions – drawing inspiration from Women’s History Month, of course!

Today, let’s talk women photographers. Photoshelter Blog posted an awesome article yesterday by   titled 14 Female Photographers You Should Know Now, featuring women in the field who are breaking rules, pushing boundaries and producing incomparable work.

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Alumna Amanda Santiago Lott ’07 talks about her career as a Graphic Designer

Alumna Amanda Santiago Lott ’07 talks about her career in Graphic Design from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

Ursuline alumna Katie Holzheimer’s ‘Impressions’ Exhibit shows now until April in Wasmer Gallery


Ursuline alumna Katie Holzheimer is hosting four workshops at the Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Gallery: Feb 12, Feb 27, March 1 and March 6. Holzheimer is currently showing her solo exhibition in Wasmer Gallery titled ‘Impressions’ now through April 4, 2014. The opening reception was February 7.

According to Holzheimer, her paintings are inspired by her natural surroundings. Her goal is to create art that brings peace, contentment, balance and enjoyment to the viewer.

“I love the emotion that comes from being in nature: peacefulness and tranquility. All people are close to the beauty of nature in some way,” Holzheimer said.

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An Artful Alum: Kathryn Holzheimer

DSC_0349If you’ve enjoyed a hot cup of coffee or delicious slice of pizza pie in the College’s new Pilla Student Dining Room you have probably noticed the vivacious floral painting on the south wall of the room. Reds, greens, blacks and oranges make up soft lines and whimsical poppy-esque flowers.

And who is the painter behind the sponges, sticks and combs? Ursuline alumna Kathryn Holzheimer ’75. Holzheimer, who does not usually use paintbrushes, generously donated the painting to Ursuline. The piece was originally featured in the Alumnae Invitational Exhibition that ran this past June through August in the Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Gallery.

“I love the emotion that comes from being in nature: peacefulness and tranquility,” Holzheimer said. “All people are close to the beauty of nature in some way.”

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Q&A with an Artist: Diane Pinchot

Diane Pinchot, OSU is a professor in the Studio Art Program at Ursuline College. She’s been teaching for 40 years now, in which time Diane has acted as Chair of the Art Department while showing internationally as an artist. We checked in with Diane to get her thoughts about the art program, her inspiration and influence and the role of artists in the future. 

As an artist yourself, what’s your inspiration and influences?
I am still inspired by simple and beautiful form; in the last 20 years, advocacy has been important in my art. But mostly, I work from deep inside, letting my intuition guide me.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve created?
The international work I did in El Salvador, helping to build an altar on the spot where the 4 Churchwomen were found in a shallow grave, really changed the way I work and create. It really changed my life. Working with the craftspeople in El Salvador, opened up a new way of seeing and working, I began to understand what it means to work in and on a sacred space and what it means to make sacred art – it certainly did not have anything to do with money or power tools. But with the simplest material and form, sacred work can be made in a most beautiful manner.


In your opinion, what’s the future for art and artists?
Artists are key players for the future, I would almost call them prophets. Artists are usually 50 years ahead of their time, coming up with creative interactive art work that takes us into the future. Many of our art students at Ursuline have gone on to graduate school, becoming teachers and art therapists. But, they also have become directors and community organizers, they have volunteered in the Peace Core and Americore, become delegates to developing countries, have become artists and designers within companies and large corporations.

Artists are the connectors, holding up the mirror for us to see ourselves… They help us change the systems when we don’t like what we see, and helps us see the beauty in our lives when we can’t see it for ourselves. Artists are motivators and inspire us to move forward and live a joyful life. Artists are advocates for the truth. In history, when you want to know what a civilization was thinking, just look at their art, especially there ceramic sculptures… it’s very telling.

How has the art program evolved over time? How will it change in the future?
I went to Ursuline College as a student. I have seen a wide spectrum of change. But some of the qualities I loved about Ursuline then, I still try to keep in the program. I remember feeling so secure in the studios that I could risk making new and large paintings and sculptures, we were encouraged to toss around new ideas and expressions, be authentic, so these are the qualities we have all tried to maintain, here at Ursuline College. The difference, of course, is certainly all the new technology we have now, this opens up such a wealth of new possibilities for us to blend and mix with all the old traditional ways of making a painting, design, sculpture, installation and time based art.

Give us your thoughts on the senior art show? Why is it important for a college to showcase students’ works?
The most important thing for me to do is to support the creative process of my students while working in any class, but especially as they are preparing to make a body of artwork for the senior show. Nurturing and guiding what is really already present within the student, is my main goal. Sometimes students don’t realize they already have all that they need right inside of them. Their expression is just waiting to be tapped into. My job is to encourage them to see their gifts and their passion. Every student showing their body of art work makes the world a richer more beautiful place to be. The students encourage all of us with their insightful views of society and their passion for making art.Time after time I am inspired by my students. That’s why I continue to teach.

What support does the studio art program provide to students?
The studios in the art department provides a safe space where students learn to express themselves authentically,ask questions, learn technique and skill, and then risk making art that will give voice to their own expression.

In one word describe the feeling you experience when you are creating art?
Obedient would be the word… the explanation would be my ability to listen to my intuition and own ground of knowing and create authentically from this ground.

Diane Pinchot from Ursuline College on Vimeo.


After RAW: A Q&A with the Artists

On Friday, October 11, 2013 forty local artists, including Ursuline College alumna Robin Smith ’05 and art students Stephanie Pratt and Alyx Cyr participated in “RAW: Natural Born Artists,” a one-night show at the Cleveland Agora. We caught up with the artists after RAW to get their impression of the exhibit and to see what they have in store for the future. 


Alyx Cyr, Student

What was your impression of the RAW exhibit? It was the perfect blend of urban artists, fashion and culture. Everyone had a great time with all the performers and runway shows.

What was your favorite moment from the RAW exhibit? I thought it was pretty cool to network with other local artists. I’m hopefully going to be doing collaborative work with a few of them next year.

What have you learned from this experience? I learned that it’s important to put yourself out there. It’s important to be vulnerable because showcasing a full collection is very personal.

What or who inspires you? Nature. And, people.

What are your plans for the future? I’m working on large-scale electroluminescent wire light and plexiglass animals. These will be showcased in the Florence O’ Donnell Wasmer Gallery’s student show this spring. I’m going to be doing some collaborative work with other artists and fulfilling custom orders from new clients I’ve met at RAW.


Robin Smith ’05, Alumna10332908826_891cfdbfd2_c

What was your impression of the RAW exhibit?  The exhibit was great and better than I expected it to be. It was well attended and the theater had great energy – it was buzzing with all kinds of creative types.

What was your favorite moment from the RAW exhibit? I would have to say my favorite moments of the RAW exhibit were when people would go to my area and the expression on their faces changed immediately. It created a dialogue, some were smiling and would immediately ask if I was the artist. One guy actually gave me a huge hug. It was pretty funny.

What have you learned from this experience? The learning experience was definitely valuable. Being overtly prepared was helpful but also a bit stressful. It was the first time showcasing my work on such a large scale so some doubts came into play. By the final week, I decided to just put the stress in God’s hands and when I did that the flow of setting up and promoting my works was a breeze.

What or who inspires you? Being an illustrator people tend to inspire me. Sometimes textures, prints, designs, fashion, color and music. Whatever comes to mind.

What are your plans for the future? I would like to see my illustrations featured in magazine publications, promoting products for different companies, working with card companies or even in the publishing world of book covers. One of my goals for 2014 is to release a children’s e-book written and illustrated by me.


Stephanie Pratt, Student 10332972606_c1f665bc5f_c

What was your impression of the RAW exhibit? As I had attended the August RAW showcase, I had known what to expect in terms of the finished set-up but it was amazing to see the transformation from a bare-boned stage to the finished product.

What was your favorite moment from the RAW exhibit? My favorite moment from the RAW exhibit was seeing everyone’s set-up before the doors opened. The whole process was absolutely beautiful. 

What have you learned from this experience? This experience has taught me a lot from learning how to appropriately promote myself and my work as well as how to manage time with set-up and tear down.

What or who inspires you? I am inspired by nature and the world around me. I feel that it keeps me grounded and is the most organic look into who I am as an artist and as a person.

What are your plans for the future? As of current, I have some options. I would love to go into marketing or advertising as a graphic designer but I plan to continue to pursue fine arts and participate in various exhibits. Eventually, I would also like to pursue an MFA with a mixed media concentration and teach at a college level.

The photos were provided by Raw Artists Media. Click here to see more photos from the exhibit.

Robin Smith

Alumna Robin Smith ’05, Art Students Stephanie Pratt & Alyx Cyr in RAW exhibit Oct 11

“RAW: natural born artists” is a one-night show from 8 PM to midnight Friday, October 11, showcasing 40 local artists including: Ursuline College alumna Robin Smith ’05 and art students Stephanie Pratt and Alyx Cyr.

Friday, October 11, 2013
8 PM – 12 AM

The Cleveland Agora
5000 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH

For Tickets & Info:

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