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Dancing Around College with an iPod – Christmas Edition from Maggie Stark on Vimeo.

The Admission Team would like to dedicate this song to all of our prospective students! Watching this video is sure to make you fall in love with UC students & bring some holiday cheer to your day!

This Place Matters: Preservation Research in Cleveland


by Tara Smith, M.A. candidate, Historic Preservation

I have lived in the Northeast Ohio area almost my entire life. Trips to Cleveland were kind of a special event but I was stunned when we visited the Cleveland Public Library for a Historic Preservation field trip and realized that I had been missing out on a beautiful piece of the city. For those of you who have never seen the CPL from the outside or inside, I highly recommend it for either your future scholarly needs or just to experience a gem of Cleveland history and architecture.

The CPL now consists of two buildings, the first of which was built in 1925 as part of the Group Plan to develop the area of downtown Cleveland. The Beaux Arts architectural style has many beautiful details and shows how influential and thriving the city of Cleveland used to be. I, as well as other historic preservationists, believe that these buildings must be protected and their legacies maintained.

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Historic Preservation: La Dolce Vita


By Ashley Hardison, Historic Preservation M.A. Candidate

In a neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland you can find a pocket of history and heritage linking the Italian culture to America, and they call it Little Italy. It’s a small neighborhood but they hold strong to tradition. The architecture shows Italian influence it the buildings, the color choices, and the decorations of the neighborhood. Populations and buildings have grown and adapted over time, but if you pay attention you can still see the true ethnic wonder that was and is Little Italy.

The influence of Italian architecture can be seen throughout Little Italy but most prominently in the construction of the Holy Rosary Church. Holy Rosary Church was built in 1892,[1] and Italian architecture can be seen in the use of brick as well as keystone arches over the windows and doors. The Church is the tallest and most prominent building as well as being centered in the neighborhood. Italians hold strongly to religion with local saints and feast days a very important part of village life.[2]

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Fridays with B&B: relishing in all things Cleveland, part one


A weekly conversation between your campus Marketing gals Brittney & Becca. TGIF! 

After taking a “Good Friday” break last week, we are talking Cleveland: Why Becca loves her hometown and how Britt is growing to feel the same about her new home. We had the opportunity to grab lunch in Ohio City with the blogger behind I Heart Cleveland, Charity D’Amato –  aka, a fabulous resource for all things Cleveland! Below is the first installment of our two-part series featuring Charity. Part two to come soon!

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Springtime in Cleveland: top 25 to-do’s


Today is the official start of spring! (We know it doesn’t feel like it, but, promise, spring has arrived!) To get you in a warm weather mood, we’ve drafted a “Cleveland spring checklist.” Please share your favorite spring to-do’s with us on social media #SpringtimeinCle.

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Spring livin’ suggestions: embody your favorite fashion icon


Alright – we are in the final stretch of winter. (We promise!) Only 3 more days ’till it is officially spring. To help you get ready for the season, we are sharing our spring 2014 suggestions – drawing inspiration from Women’s History Month, of course!

With a change of season, comes an obvious change in wardrobe. But the transition from winter to spring in Cleveland can be tough. Remember when it snowed on Easter? Audrey Hepburn, Beyonce, Billie Holiday, China Machado, Coco Chanel, Diane von Furstenberg, Marilyn Monroe … and the list goes on … we’re continuously inspired by influential women in fashion. Here are our favorite looks from a few female style icons to help get you from winter to spring.

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Spring livin’ suggestions: get outside, get moving


Alright – we are in the final stretch of winter. (We promise!) Only 4 more days ’till it is officially spring. To help you get ready for the season, we are sharing our spring 2014 suggestions – drawing inspiration from Women’s History Month, of course!

This winter has been the toughest season Cleveland’s endured in a long time. And the mildness of the past two winter’s hasn’t helped. Our bodies weakened, leaving us with one defence mechanism – hibernation. We have good news. Spring is only four days aways. Promise. Say it with us, ‘FOUR DAYS AWAY’!

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Internship Ideas for PR & Marketing Majors


I’ll never forget my internship experience. When I first set foot into the news department at WKYC-TV, I was an eager, wide-eyed, twenty-one-year-old college student ready to experience the hardboiled world of journalism. My first day, I had the chance to go undercover with a veteran reporter. Were we delving into the latest crime mystery? Not exactly. I was actually invited to join the consumer reporter to test out jean sizes in various stores (seeing if a size 2 at Target was different from a size 2 Nordstrom).

From my first day to the end of the second semester as an intern in the news department WKYC-TV, I jumped at every opportunity I was offered. The real world experience I achieved continues to help me as a marketing and public relations professional today. Northeast Ohio  is a treasure trove of internship opportunities for PR & Marketing majors. Here are some PR and Marketing focused internship ideas based on your interests.  Whether you’re an activist, arts and culture enthusiast, news junkie or a creative corporate – Cleveland has an opportunity for you!

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College in CLE: Cultural Cuisine

You may know of my wanderlust or read about my interminable desire to explore the vast cultural culinary dishes this world has to offer. Well, after visiting The Algebra Tea House, I had an idea to dine out once a month with a group of friends at a new ethnic food restaurant.

I’ve been craving Indian ever since I returned home from London this summer. The UK offers the most expansive Indian delicacies (outside of India, of course) due to their deep roots in the spice trade centuries ago. So, it was a must that our first group outing was to the Taj India Palace.

I won’t lie, when everyone sat down, we realized we had absolutely no idea what to order. It was luck that recent Ursuline graduates Brandi McCormick and Cossette Ghanem were dining out and gave us some wonderful tips. They suggested we order the Thali & Masala Dosai. The food was absolutely phenomenal and we ended up having a group share of all the dishes. I find it incredibly interesting how flavorful Indian food can be. I’ve experienced nothing like it!

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Winter Break… On a Budget

So it’s happened, Christmas and New Year’s have finally come… and now passed.

I know I’m thinking, “What on Earth do I do for the next few weeks before my life is ruled by my planner and consumed with school again.”

Well, here’s a few fun, exciting and most importantly inexpensive things to do in the Cleveland area over break:

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