Celebrating International Day of the Girl

1393540_10151923721394002_49997001_nToday is International Day of the Girl. This movement is 100% led by youth and is dedicated to responding to the many urgent problems faced by girls today. October 11th was named Day of the Girl and encourages groups of girls around the world to come together to have dialogue around issues that need to attention.  In addition, the day is dedicated to improving the lives of and opportunities for girls across the globe.  Acknowledging the incredible efforts of this youth-led movement, as well as the need to recognize the rights of and challenges faced by girls around the world, the United Nations named October 11th International Day of the Girl in 2011.

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College in CLE: Chagrin Falls

Have you ever asked yourself, what is college in Cleveland like? The Marketing Department recently went on a road trip to find out. Our goal is to showcase Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio area – on a  student’s budget. During the trip, we planned to spend about $50 ($25 a piece for two people). Our first stop – Chagrin Falls.

The nostalgic and charming Chagrin Falls is about 10 minutes from the Ursuline College campus in Pepper Pike. You can walk around and view the waterfalls, shop and enjoy a variety of food while taking in a truly Americana atmosphere.

Check out our notes and photos from our morning in Chagrin Falls!

11 AM – Woke Up (we studied A LOT last night)

11:30 AM – Gas at Waterway on Lander Circle, a short drive from Ursuline College ($10)

11:45 AM – Breakfast at Washington Street Diner ($7.40 and $6.85, $1.50 tip each)

Home fries are exceptional, eight different kinds of toast, friendly and quick staff, breakfast is served all day, a lot for the price, options and great location, a mile or so outside of downtown Chagrin Falls

1 PM – 2:30 PM – exploring Downtown Chagrin Falls and the Polo Fields in Moreland Hills.

10 Other Must Sees in Chagrin Falls: 
1. The Popcorn Shop
2. Jeni’s Icecream
3. Rick’s Cafe
4. Fireside Bookshop
5. Flip Side
6. Lemon Falls
7. Greenville Inn
8. Chagrin Valley Little Theater
9. Chagrin Yoga Namaste!
10. Valley Art Center

Our next stop was lunch in Little Italy. Stay tuned!



UC Tour of Italy: Final Day in Rome!






During our final full day in Rome, we saw Vatican City – and it truly is a city. The size is quite amazing with beautiful artifacts everywhere you look. In the photos you will see St. Peter’s Basilica & Square, the museum ceilings & the Pope’s room. The day started at 8 am and it took us 4 hours to see it all!

Off to Orvieto tomorrow.


UC Tour of Italy: Day 2 of Rome





We woke up early and set out for a full day in Rome. We soon arrived at the Coliseum where we went inside to see the spectacular structure and learn about its history. From the Coliseum we went over to the excavation site, where students were excavating areas of old ruins to see what they might find below the earth. It was very interesting to watch and think about the items they might discover. We were able to see Arco di Tito, Palatino, Arco di Costantino and many other sites. When we left the Coliseum area we headed over to Piazza Navona & Pantheon. The Pantheon was enormous and almost overwhelming in size when you stood in the center.

Lunch was beckoning; we enjoyed pasta, bruschetta, pizza and tirimasu. With full bellies we headed back to the hotel for a rest before being briefed on tomorrow’s adventure. The Vatican Museum is tomorrow and all of us are excited – even those that have seen it before. Since lunch was so perfecto, I think gelato will be on the menu for dinner! Ciao, ciao!!!


UC Tour of Italy: First Day in Rome

Even though it was our first day in Rome, Enrica had us moving all over the city – seeing as much as we could before collapsing into the Empire Palace Hotel rooms for the night. The hotel, once a palace, is now a beautiful hotel located inside old Rome. We saw the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and for the fashion students & alumnae, Valentino’s altiere. In the photos you will see the Trevi Fountain and Valentino’s mini Palace. You will see the V over the door and in the far left hand side of the photo in a window, a mannequin. As a fashion graduate, it was fun to see and I really hoped he would step outside to take a walk, but I guess I wasn’t lucky enough.

Rome was full of life and full of travelers last night, much busier than the Amalfi. Off to the Coliseum tomorrow!





Behind-the-scenes: Capturing the Campus

Today the Marketing Department welcomes our awesome photographer, Tony Kellers, on campus for a college wide photo-shoot. We are working to capture the essence of Ursuline – our students, our faculty and the entire community. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from today’s shoot!

























UC Tour of Italy: Pompeii, Sorrento & Positano

It was an early start for the group this morning so we could get to Pompeii in enough time to see the historic landmark, visit Sorrento and stop off at Positano to see the views. Nic was our guide for Pompeii and new every inch of the site. He took us all over the area to see all Pompeii had to offer.

Unfortunately, it rained most of the time we were there. Nic warned us that when it rains in Pompeii, a canoe is needed… if we had one it would have made portions of the maneuvering easier. Even though it rained, the tour was incredible and the sites were one of a kind. By the end of the tour, the sky parted and we could see the massive and once destructive Mount Vesuvius in the back-drop… what a moment to take in!

We soon loaded the bus to Sorrento to see the beautiful small city, where the specialties are inlaid wood and Lemoncello…delicisio!

I would have to say the most spectacular part of the day was taking the ‘true’ Amalfi drive from Sorrento to Amalfi with Positano in-between. Each turn and curve was more breath-taking and nerve-wracking. The driver Enrico was truly amazing and took each turn and curve with perscision. He stopped at each site for us to see and while our tour guide, Enrica, taught us about about each town on the way and who owned each villa. The most beautiful one being Italian actress Sophia Loren’s.

We are off to Rome tomorrow, but will miss the Amalfi Coast. Ciao!!!

-Tiffany Mushrush Mentzer’03, Director of Alumnae Relations and Development Specialist




Robin Smith

Alumna Robin Smith ’05, Art Students Stephanie Pratt & Alyx Cyr in RAW exhibit Oct 11

“RAW: natural born artists” is a one-night show from 8 PM to midnight Friday, October 11, showcasing 40 local artists including: Ursuline College alumna Robin Smith ’05 and art students Stephanie Pratt and Alyx Cyr.

Friday, October 11, 2013
8 PM – 12 AM

The Cleveland Agora
5000 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH

For Tickets & Info: http://www.rawartists.org/cleveland

Artist profiles:
Robin Smith: http://www.rawartists.org/lemahogany
Alyx Cyr: http://www.rawartists.org/alyxcyr
Stephanie Pratt: http://www.rawartists.org/stephaniepratt

Rachael Albright (7)

Bowler’s Blog: From the Desk of Rachael Albright

It has been quite a first half of the semester! Getting adjusted to my first nursing courses while living off campus and paying my own bills! This year is definitely taking me in the right direction. Summer seems so long ago already. I feel like it was just yesterday that Amanda Wess, Janet Hill and I competed at Junior Gold in Detroit, Michigan. It was an interesting week to say the least. Between bowling on some of the toughest lane patterns, against some of the nation’s toughest competitors and scorching hot bowling alleys, we all fared well. Out of 543 participants, Janet finished 41st, Amanda came in 290th and I placed 31st so it was definitely a decent showing for Ursuline College! This really prepared us to have high expectations for the 2013-2014 bowling season.

This season we picked up six new student-athletes and a new head coach, Jim Wess. All players from last season will be returning. October 1st marked our first practice session of the year and it was a good one! Between Coach Wess’ motivation and the team’s determination, I can already tell this year will be the best in program history. Once we get into the “swing” of things we will be making progress like no other. I believe that if we all work our hardest this season we will have a shot at nationals! That is only if we all work individually and as a team for the common goal. We have a long road ahead of us but the amount of potential on our team is outstanding. I’m so ready to go out and show the nation what Ursuline College bowling is made of.  I’m thinking way too far ahead, though!

Our first tournament isn’t until next weekend (October 12-13 in Indianapolis). I have high expectations for these girls this year and I hope they feel the same. Let’s start this year off in the right direction!

Go Arrows!

Rachael Albright, Ursuline ’16
Member of the 2013-14 UC Bowling Team

Rachael Albright (7)

London Mary and Chris

On Our Way to Oxford, England!

A joint research project was developed between Ursuline College and Tiffin University. This project started in the spring and was designed to examine the relationships between creativity and mental health/mental illness. Members of the project team who attended the Oxford Conference included UC professor, DoHee Kim-Appel, Ph.D., UC Art Therapy and Counseling graduate students, Claire Whiteman, Mary Cassidy, & Rebecca Stanic, Tiffin University professor Jonathan Appel, Ph.D., and undergraduate behavioral sciences student Erin Snapp. The goals for the project were to expose students to the research experience, and present the research project(s) at national and international conference(s) and ultimately produce a publication.

When our paper proposals were accepted by the inter-disciplinary and international 6th Global Conference: Making Sense of Madness, we decided to invite students from both institutions. It was exhilarating to see the students’ motivation and excitement.  The Conference was scheduled from September 17th-19th at the Mansfield College (University of Oxford) in Oxford, England (http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/probing-the-boundaries/making-sense-of/madness/conference-programme-abstracts-and-papers/)


On our way to participate and present at the 6th Global Conference – Making Sense of Madness in Oxford, most of us decided to independently visit London for the weekend. Students left the day before Jonathan and I left for the England. Arriving in London on a rainy Friday late evening, contributed some anxiety in a strange city – with fast driving cars, crowds, and narrowed streets. Crossing the street could be a challenge due to the opposite road direction!  Mornings in England appeared to start off sunny and beautiful with blue sky– but by afternoons it became unpredictable with gray, rainy weather being the norm.

We left our hotel when the weather was bright and decided to walk without a specific plan. We were misinformed on directions and ended up at the British museum! (http://www.britishmuseum.org/). The central gathering area in the British museum was similar to the Cleveland Museum of Art atrium. There were numerous exhibitions and the one about “living and dying” was an interesting one. The goal for the exhibition was to “explores how people everywhere deal with the tough realities of life and death. “These challenges are shared by all, but strategies to deal with them very from place to place, people to people” (Trust Gallery).

It was also natural for us to visit the national gallery (http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/) and experience sitting in front of the “Sunflowers” painting by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. We then continued to explore London and decided to take Thames River cruise (http://www.riverthames.co.uk/history.htm). We were expecting to see only old wall of castles and historical buildings along the riverside. However, the river was also decorated with modern various shapes of glassed buildings. After the cruise, we walked through the St. James Park (http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/hyde_park/history.cfm) to Buckingham palace and eventually to Piccadilly Circus, and on to Chinatown and Soho neighborhoods. One of the highlight of the day was to run into one of the UC students (a member of our visiting research team), Mary Cassidy, in the middle of a busy London Street.

Sunday, early in the morning, we decided re-enact the Beatles Abbey Road Album cover crossing near Abbey Road studios in St. John’s Wood. Jonathan stated, “It took me 50 years to be here, but I now can scratch that off my ‘bucket list!’.” The weather was beautiful for our Beatles pilgrimage. Another highlight of the day was listening to the classical group, Brodsky Quartet, (http://www.brodskyquartet.co.uk/) at the King’s Place in London, while the rain picked up outside (now Ohio weather seems not so bad). Monday we left London for Oxford and ran into two other research team students (Rebecca Stanic and Erin Snapp) at the Victoria coach station. This reunited group then travelled together across into English countryside to historic Oxford.

More to Come!

The blog post was written by DoHee Kim-Appel, Ph.D. Associate Professor for Art Therapy and Counseling at Ursuline College.