Nema Saleem & Ashley Tilberg

Art Therapy and Counseling faculty and students attend 2013 BATA Symposium

It was a beautiful Friday morning, feeling tired from the trip to England and on the road again to Columbus, Ohio to attend 32nd Annual Buckeye Art Therapy Association (BATA)                        ( symposium, titled “Art Therapy: Self-Expression and Healing”  held September 26, 27 and 28 in Columbus, Ohio. Sister Kathleen Burke, Gail Rule-Hoffman and Diane Meros attended entire symposium.

I was greeted by my classmates, Barbra Greenwood and Laura Malbasa, dkimappel 1from early 1990s when I was an art therapy student at Ursuline College. Reminiscing our time at Ursuline, all of sudden I forgot how tired I was. It was such a pleasant surprise to reunite with them and it was one of the meaningful highlights of the day. Proud to see our recent graduates presenting at the symposium with their colleagues and seeing our motivated current students participating in the symposium overwhelmed me with excitement. Most of the current BATA board members are Ursuline College ATC alumnie.

Sister Kathleen’s presentation “Grace, Creativity and Breakthrough: Saint Hildergard of Bingen” taught  me how her journey to establish art therapy department at Ursuline College was deeply inspired by Saint Hildergard (  Listening to “A feather on the Breath of God” ( during her presentation, I could not help feeling empowered and it was such an educational presentation.

The Art Therapy profession has many pioneers, and meeting Dr. Wadeson was such a joy. Harriet Wadeson Ph.D., ACSW, LCSW, ATR-BC, HLM who was a keynote speaker for the symposium and she has been called “a mother of the art therapy profession.” She has ways to use words to tell incredible stories with art and it is a gift. One of our ATC current students, Heidi Semijalac, was the winner of the BATA 2013 student scholarship award to attend the symposium. Seeing her smile and excitement to meet Dr. Wadeson was another highlight of the day.

dkimappel 5dkimappel 6Ashley Rogolsdkimappel 4Sr. Kathleen, Gail with Dr. WadesonHeidi Semijalac & Jody Pittner

dkimappel 3Nema Saleem & Ashley TilbergLisa Wood

The BATA conference contained my past and present path at the same place. I am glad I made it for the day!

DoHee Kim-Appel, Ph.D. is  Associate Professor for Art Therapy and Counseling at Ursuline College.


#UCStyleFiles Fall Comfort

I know first hand that looking good is the key to feeling good, inside and out. As I dealt with the reality of a cancer diagnosis at 16, I realized that I want to make it my mission to share my love of fashion with others and help people to feel good about themselves more than just on the surface.

With cold season, midterms, and finals approaching, sometimes it’s impossible to look your best when you’re not feeling the greatest–But I have a solution! Below are some COMFY, stylish outfits that will help you look good AND feel good.

Aztec is on trend right now! Whether it’s a simple black and white contrast, or pop of bright colors, Aztec sweaters and cardigans are a perfect way to stay warm and beat your winter blues!




Via Charlotte Russe


Pair this with a slouchy dolman tee, or solid colored crewneck, leggings, and cowboy boots or moccasins and you’ve got a feel-good outfit for a gloomy fall day!

Do you love leggings? I have quite the collection of under armor-like compression leggings, they keep me active and standing upright with a fainting condition, but they aren’t the most fashionable. I finally found a solution give them a simple makeover:

Jazz up your boring leggings with printed legwarmers. Available at Charlotte Russe for $8.99

Jazz up your boring leggings with printed legwarmers. Available at Charlotte Russe for $8.99

Stay warm and dress up your leggings (and jeggings!) with fun boot socks or legwarmers.

And on the same topic of leggings: Printed leggings. Leggings SHOULD NOT be considered pants in almost every situation, but printed leggings are an awesome statement piece for your wardrobe that can be dressed up to perfection. Pair with a neutral, over-sized slouchy sweater or cardigan, and fringed boots.


The perfect statement piece for your wardrobe! Printed Navajo Leggings, $35 at

Keeping with the trend of layered comfort, here are some chic, real life outfits spotted on instagram:

J. Crew Inspired by Lauren Sharnsky


Lauren says of her outfit,”I think someone could wear this outfit literally anywhere. It’s versatile enough for grocery shopping, school, church, etc. but I think the best would be worn on a date”


“Bold statement necklaces make a simple outfit complete,” Lauren says.


J. Crew is a center of inspiration from the extravagant window displays to its signature layered outfits with just the right amount of sparkle. In fact, J. Crew offers a wide selection from prints, to plaids, and versatile solids that mesh well to create the perfect outfit. “I love how the colors (and prints) are coordinated together,” Lauren says of J. Crew.

Lauren put this outfit together with J. Crew’s style philosophy in mind: Lauren balances the right amount of flair and style, with comfort. Of her look, Lauren reveals “I make sure I get the correct sizes of clothes so that they look flattering. This outfit has the right amount of tightness and space to move around in.” Lauren brings up a very good point about layering: with the correct fit, layering can be done so comfortably. Tightly-fitting garments can be restrictive and don’t leave very many options for layering. Lauren thinks this is the perfect fall outfit because “It’s warm but not too warm. And the colors are rich which so perfect for fall.” And just like J. Crew’s signature last touch: Lauren completes the outfit by adding a touch of sparkle with a statement necklace. “(J. Crew’s) bold statement necklaces are adorable and make a simple outfit complete,” she says.

Styled by Meganne Eddie:


Color, texture, and pattern are three key elements Meganne utilizes when styling the perfect fall outfit.


If you know Meganne, you might describe her as the “Cardigan Queen.” The cardigan is the foundation piece of the outfit while also allowing for fun and functionality.

“A lot of the pieces I wear function for me all year around, but in fall I’m able to really play with layering. Color, texture and pattern play a big role in how I pare piece together. Both outfits definitely showcase that. There are lots of elements like wools, knits and denim all blending together to give me that perfect look. And the best thing about layer!?!? If you get a little warm you could remove pieces without interrupting the look.”

Pretty Little Liars Inspired by Amanda Antenucci


Blazer-target, blouse-tre sorelle boutique in little Italy, jeans-Levi’s, flats-Sam Edelman, watch-Michael Kors, glasses-vintage and ring from Tiffany and Co.

Amanda says of her outfit, “I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and one of the main characters wore a punk plaid blazer with a striped tee, this was my cool weather version that chic enough for work and shopping/dinner. It’s the perfect fall outfit bc it’s comfy, it’s layered for ease and warmth and these pieces never go out of style. I’m all about mixing prints in the same color scheme and fit.”

Phillip Lim for Target Styled by Natalie Koch


“To have the ability to mix and match between conventional ready for work and fashion forward for everyday chic, was brilliant on their part,” Natalie Says of Phillip Lim’s collection for Target


“If you were timely and persistent in getting your hands on some of the Phillip Lim for Target consider yourself fortunate.  The Collection in its entirety was close to being sold out companywide within the first day of its launch.  What I love so much about the Collection is the consistency between pieces.  To have the ability to mix and match between conventional ready for work and fashion forward for everyday chic, was brilliant on their part.  Not to mention, Phillip Lim quality at an unbeatable value. Three pieces I personally adored were one, his comic book boom sweatshirt because nothing is trending more in current fashion than comfort!  Also, orange & blue leopard scarf, which Lim used the oversized pattern liberally within the collection to give you plenty of options to choose from. Both can be worn in accordance with pieces from the rest of Philip Lim for Target or pieces you already have in your wardrobe for fall weather layering.  Of course, the look had to be topped off with one of his trapeze bags.  The covetable totes came in an array of colors but I chose taupe to take me from daytime occupation to evening street style.”

Stay tuned for more style tips and trends! -xoxo


UC Tour of Italy: Final Day in Venice

We reached Venice early afternoon yesterday and quickly headed out to see the city of water. We visited Venice’s Saint Mark’s Square and the inside of the cathedral. We all had the afternoon and evening to ourselves, many of the group headed to 6 PM mass.

Our early morning start had us heading out to meet our local guide, Katarina, who took us all over to show us much of Venice. Many of us took this time to also see where the good shopping stops would be when we had some free time after the tour. Venice is a special place to end our tour together, there is no where like it in the world.

Tonight we have our farewell dinner and thank our wonderful guide, Enrica, for her tremendous help, guidance, humor and drive to get us all through the 17-day tour. It has been an amazing journey with alumnae, friends of the College and some new friends to the College. We can’t wait to tell you all about our experiences.





Advocacy and Empowerment through Art

Art Therapy and Counseling Students Send Sock Monkey Delegation to South Africa

A section of the Art Therapy and Counseling elective course Advocacy & Empowerment through Art: Social Action and Trauma Informed Care recently introduced students to the role of craftivism and its possibilities to empower vulnerable populations, as well as promote important social causes and issues through making things by hand.


Betsy Greer, Crafitvist Pioneer states,  “Craftivism is the practice of engaged creativity, especially regarding political or social causes. By using their creative energy to help make the world a better place, craftivists help bring about positive change via personalized activism. Craftivism allows practitioners to customize their particular skills to address particular causes.”  (“Craftivism.” Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice, 2007). Craftivism can take on many handmade forms, including radical needlepointing, crosstiching, knitting, fiber arts, yarnbombing, and more.
A craftivism initiative explored further in this course included the volunteer-run organization Operation Sock Monkey (OSM).  OSM collaborates with humanitarian organizations that provide laughter, hope, and healing to communities around the world affected by disease, disaster and social/political turmoil through providing handmade sock monkeys to


communities in need of a smile.  Students in Advocacy & Empowerment through Art became operatives and craftivists for an OSM mission by learning how to sew handmade sock monkeys and then donated these “delegates” to OSM as one of their course requirements.
OSM Headquarters in Vancouver Canada assigned our group of delegates to travel to Cape Town, South Africa as part of the Sinovuyo Caring Families Project with Clowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSW).  “Sinovuyo is focused on the highest‐risk families with children ages 3 to 8 years:caregivers affected by HIV/AIDS or domestic violence. The program aims to help parents and caregivers develop nurturing relationships with their children, prevent and reduce abusive parenting, while coping with stress from HIV/AIDS, poverty, and violence” (OSM website).  Sock monkeys areused in storytelling and activities that promote parent/child communication and bonding.


This group of eager sock monkeys look forward to helping families served by the Sinovuyo Project.  A job well done by all the art therapy and counseling students with their first successful Operative Mission!  I hope this experience inspires lots more sock monkey making & craftivism in the future!
Save the date! Ursuline’s Art Therapy and Counseling Program Holiday Happening for students and alumni December 14 will include the opportunity to make another group of sock monkey delegates to be donated towards a future OSM mission effort.
Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice:
Operation Sock Monkey:
Sinovuyo Caring Familes Project- Clowns Without Borders:
How to Make a Sock Monkey [VIDEO]:
The blog post was written by Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC, CTC-S,  Adjunct Professor for Art Therapy and Counseling at Ursuline College.

UC Tour of Italy: Florence

We had a day jam-packed in Florence with a visit to see the statue of David, Florence Cathedral, political center, Uffizi Gallery (for some) and plenty of time for shopping. As soon as we stepped foot in Florence you could smell the leather.

Our first stop was to see the statue of David, it was spectacular. When I walked into the room my eyes were quickly drawn to the enormous statue of David and its complete perfection. It was incredible to think that it was completely sculpted out of one, 6 ton piece of marble.

We soon headed over to the Florence Cathedral, where we turned the corner and it appeared in all it’s beauty. The marble was white, gray and pink hues, each color accenting the other. Due to the incredible detail on the outside of the cathedral, the inside was very modest, but still beautiful.

Almost 1/2 the group met after a quick lunch break to see the Uffizi Gallery. The building itself was a masterpiece, but numerous masterpieces here hung on the walls and placed on pedestals. Even the views for the windows to see the Ponte Vecchio were special. It took most of us a while to get through the museum but when we headed out, we shopped and enjoyed a special gelato called the ‘cream coffee’, basically it is vanilla gelato with espresso put over top of it. It was worth ever bite…one alum said it was worth the trip to taste it.

Tonight is our last night in Tuscany and we head to Venice for two nights.


Abbey, Maggie, Danielle, Gabrielle , Danielle Lister-Sanchez and John Tonegato after the river boat cruise on the Seine River.

Photos from France: Jewish-Christian Tour

Currently, twenty-three students, faculty, staff and friends of Ursuline College are on a Jewish-Christian tour of France. Of the twenty-three travelers, eight are Jewish (five children of Holocaust survivors) and fifteen are Christian. Several have traveled before to Poland, Israel, Italy, France and Eastern Europe. You can follow the Ursuline College Jewish-Christian Tour of France through their photos.
Little Italy

College in CLE: Little Italy

Have you ever asked yourself, what is college in Cleveland like? The Marketing Department recently went on a road trip to find out. Our goal is to showcase Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio area – on a  student’s budget. During the trip, we planned to spend about $50 ($25 a piece for two people).

After Chagrin Falls, we headed to Little Italy, also known as Murray Hill or The Hill. Little Italy, Cleveland’s east side historic neighborhood has long been a hub for Italian American culture. Known for it’s food and art galleries, the area has maintained it’s heritage since 1895.

Check out our notes and photos from our afternoon in Little Italy!

3 PM – Fuel Coffee Bar

Fuel Coffee Bar was created with college students in mind. Stop in for the relaxing atmosphere to hang out with friends or set up on the study bar equipped with multiple power sources for all your electronic needs. 

3:30 PM – 5PM: Exploring Little Italy

10 Other Must Sees in Little Italy: 
1. Presti’s Bakery
2. Museum of Contemporary Art
3. Mama Santa’s
4. Tony Brush Park
5. Holy Rosary Church
6. The Little Italy Heritage Museum
7. Corbo’s Bakery
8. Juma Gallery
9.  La Trattoria
10. “Set in Stone” Walking Tour

Our next stop was dinner in Ohio City. Ciao!

LittleItalyweb LittleItalyweb2


UC Tour of Italy: Perugia & Siena

We have spent two wonderful days in Tuscany with visits to Perugia & Siena. Visits to cathedrals, chocolate shops, museums & delicious trattorias. Here are some wonderful photos from the visits.










And an little Ursuline in our Villa Lecchi


photo credit: google images

Social Media Taking Over The Role of Publicist

What do you do when you’re a well-known media figure (with apparently no publicist or babysitter) and you accidentally post an embarrassing almost-nude photo of yourself all over the Internet? Well you delete it of course…only to realize that whatever ends up on the Internet will forever be immortalized, sorry Geraldo Rivera.

When Geraldo posted his nearly nude “selfie” on July 21, 2013 it seemed that nothing really had been done to his “image” as a media personality except for several –thousand- people criticizing his body and how creepy he was on Twitter. That was up until today when the story hit that his “selfie” had some unusual consequences in the form of cancelled events. That one photo was the reason that Duquesne University cancelled Geraldo’s appearance at the school due to the fact that the photo was “inappropriate and inconsistent” with the Catholic school’s values. Funny to think that a simple photo can ruin everything, but it sadly is true and it’s happening more than ever in today’s society of social media and instant gratification.

We are currently living in an age where everyone is acting as his or her own publicist in a way. Individuals  are creating versions of themselves on the World Wide Web and not thoroughly thinking about the consequences. It has even been said that when job hunting, employers will not only Google but look up their potential employees on Facebook as well as Twitter to see how they truly portray themselves. We all need to take a moment to step back and realize that we are venturing into the marketing realm for ourselves as a brand whether we would like to see it that way or not.

So why is Geraldo Rivera relevant to this? Because he is us! He is every person who has posted something whether in writing or in photo form on the Internet only to regret it and realize that there are no “take-backs” online. So next time we decide to post that photo of us having a wild drunk fun night, let’s step back and realize that today the biggest thing we are marketing is ourselves (which is a huge deal considering the job market –or rather lack thereof!) and only we can act as our own reps. Value yourself as a brand and human being. Keep some things private, mystery is good!

And all I can think is THIS GUY IS 70!? Perhaps it’s time to focus on other things Twitterverse…

Author Bio: Gabrielle Banzhaf is a designer, maker, mother, gardener and caretaker living in Lakewood, OH with her son and partner. She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA in Fiber & Material Studies and is currently pursuing a BA from Ursuline College in Public Relations & Marketing Communications. She enjoys spending time on her porch swing, splashing around with her little one, working in her wood shop & obsessing over Game of Thrones.


UC Tour of Italy: Assisi

A wonderful day is Assisi was had by the group. Here are some photos from the day, Chapel of Saint Francis, Mary of the Angels Chapel and Deruta ceramics.