Angela DelPrete

Angela Niro DelPrete ’00
Editor / Marketing Director
Angela is a wannabe hip, young professional, but her expertise, haircut and busy soccer mom schedule dictate that she is a boring, hardened marketing veteran. She loves sharing the character of campus through photography, video and interactions with students, but, apologetically, not as much as her love of reality television (she secretly thinks she’s on the Real Housewives of Cleveland). Although you’ll never catch her in mom blue jeans, Angela does have an affinity for PMS 286 (Ursuline blue).

Brittney Teasdale Edelman

Brittney Teasdale Edelman
Assistant Editor / Marketing Specialist & Social Media Coordinator

Even though Brittney is rushing around every morning, it’s only because the young, twenty-something is busy learning to balance work, graduate school and her yoga poses. She has traveled the globe so much that she is toting at least three different currencies in her purse at any given time (one of her dogs is even from Costa Rica). Despite her aversion for maple syrup and anything sweet, she is a true-blooded Canadian. An old-school journalist working to publish her first book, this avid photographer and fashion aficionado keeps it virtual in the College’s social media space. Brittney once disobeyed the dog policy on campus. She’s a bit of a rebel, eh?

Rebecca Wrenn

Rebecca Wrenn ’12
Assistant Editor / Marketing Specialist & Website Coordinator

If it’s true that the “early bird gets its worm,” then this Wrenn has certainly had her fill! Even though her feet are always three inches above the floor, Rebecca is very grounded on her yoga mat. Well-versed in the classics, she is passionate about exploring the arts and culture of her hometown, Cleveland. Drawing from icons like Monroe and Hepburn, this quaintrelle’s ambitions are more scholarly in nature, as she is pursuing her master’s degree. Having never received any grade lower than an a in school, this perfectionist is more protective of the College’s homepage than she is of her loved ones. Rebecca’s goals include telling the College’s story through design and branding, as well as engaging fellow young alums.


Elyse Pitkin ’18
Contributor / Marketing Work-study
The freshest face in the marketing department, Elyse is no stranger to the spotlight. This pageant queen is ready to embrace all that Ursuline has to offer including the anything-but-mundane projects (and frequent trips to Starbucks) the marketing department might throw her way. Whether it’s lending the department her dorm room for a photo shoot or being in a photo shoot herself, she is ready and willing to accomplish the task. Though she’s comfortable having her workspace on the floor of the office, we can tell already that no one will be able to keep this girl down!

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