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Letter from the Editor

editing photoAs this time of year is often associated with making personal and professional renovations, I am excited to announce that Ursuline’s blog platform has developed into an online edition of the College’s magazine, VOICES. Having been published since 2008, VOICES is the main news source for everything Ursuline. The online edition will feature all the great things that Ursuline fans have grown accustomed to reading about in the printed version plus online stories added weekly, providing an interactive and relevant experience for our readers.

Below is my editor’s letter from the printed edition of VOICES (out February 1). The theme of this issue is community, how strong Ursuline values have carried the institution even through difficult times. We also showcase the great things that individuals in the Ursuline Community are doing and the lives they continue to touch. I hope you feel a sense of hope in how a small, Catholic, women-focused College in Ohio can work together to make a positive difference in the world.

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Halloween Memories: Share with us!

Halloween is approaching. It’s time again for trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and visiting haunted house. We decided to share some of our favorite Halloween memories. Share yours with us on Facebook and your post will be added to the blog! 


Anne-Marie, Alumnae Specialist
Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays since I was a child, I always loved to decorate our whole house inside and out and my parents were always wonderful enough to let me. My mom would always help me make the coolest most realistic costumes, I was never much into store bought costumes I always insisted on making my own, I think I just loved the idea of the transformation. Considering I graduated from Ursuline in ’09 with a degree in Fashion Design its needless to say I still continue to make my own costumes. This year was a great Halloween because I was invited to display my artwork in the Skull and Skeletons in art exhibit at Lakeland College where the artists reception was also a costume party, this year I made my boyfriend and I Beetlejuice and Lydia costumes.

Angela, Marketing Director
My favorite halloween memory was dressing my kids as characters from Toy Story. They were 5, 3 and 1-year’s old. My daughter went as Jessie, my oldest son dressed as Woody and my youngest son went as Bullseye. They had fun trick-or-treating that year and attending preschool and kindergarten in their costumes.

Becca, Marketing Specialist
I have such a strange relationship with Halloween. When I was little, I never wanted to dress up as anything too scary but I loved (and still do) being scared. My parents would take my sister and I to local haunted houses on the weekends. Being able to stay up so late was a rarity. It was dark and the haunted houses were usually in some wooded area. My Dad would carry me around. He was never afraid, so I pretended I wasn’t either. I was terrified.

Brittney, Marketing Specialist
I have many amazing Halloween memories but one Halloween that sticks out was during my third year of university. My boyfriend at the time threw me a birthday party at his house, along with his housemates. (My birthday is October 31!) All of our friends came, dressed in costume to the nines, and we ate cake, danced and laughed all night. I was Count Dracula; decked out in a cape, pointy teeth and blood-smeared lips. It was definitely an awesome all hallow’s eve.

Maggie, Marketing Intern
Halloween isn’t really an embraced day in our family. My mom absolutely, positivity despises anything with skulls/skeletons/ or anything creepy. Our house may have a pumpkin or two out front but they always have happy faces or Disney characters carved into them… Well, one year I decided to stay home and pass out candy to all the little kids in Chardon. I had never before spent a Halloween not collecting candy, but I decided this year I was too old and too cold. As my mom & I handed out candy to chipper little children, grown adults and high school kids came bounding up the drive too. I didn’t realize how my mom had handled these non-costume wearing beggars before… She took a piece of candy in her hand, told them to go long and chucked it in the air! Then the rest of the kids followed suit and played pop-fly candy like the first. It was hilarious watching my mom hurl candy in the air and yell for the teenagers to work for their chocolate.




#UCStyleFiles Share What You Wear

Buried Alive in Clothes...

Buried Alive in Clothes…Yes that’s Cher Horowitz
Image via weheartit.com

While serving as the 2012-2013 president of Fashion Focus, I wanted to make sure that our club would have the opportunity to take part in a very special project that is very dear to my heart. My love of fashion plays such a huge part in my life, I’ve chosen to base my career around it so I can share my passion for style with others. And by default, I am an avid collector of beautiful things, and I wasn’t the only member of Fashion Focus who finds herself buried alive in clothes with an overflowing walk-in closet, or dorm for that matter. We could definitely work with that!

Fortunately, I knew of an organization that would be the perfect fit for Fashion Focus as well as a solution to my overflowing closet, “Share What You Wear.” “Share What You Wear,” is a non-profit charity program at Orange High School which began after Orange High School Students Zoe Baris and Samantha Zabell volunteered at the National Council of Jewish Women/Cleveland Designer Dress Days. Zoe and Samantha were inspired to do something meaningful and helpful for others. Zoe and Samantha decided that donating their new and gently worn clothing for children from newborn to age 18 would fill an important need for kinship families in the Cleveland community. Six years later, Zoe and Samantha have done just that, leaving an even bigger legacy which continues to grow each and every year. Samantha and Zoe are truly girls after my own heart. To Zoe, what is most rewarding about this experience has been “to see my vision turn into something that has surpassed my wildest expectations, from collecting tens of thousands of items to helping thousands of children and getting the entire community involved, it has truly been a dream,” she says.

Zoe states, "It truly has been a dream"

Zoe states, “It truly has been a dream”

After the collection of the clothing throughout the school year, the “Share What You Wear” event in August is hosted with the help of student volunteers. This event gives local families in need and (the children in their care) a chance to experience what can easily be described as a “dream” shopping trip. Back to school shopping was (secretly) a favorite part of my childhood and almost something to have easily taken for granted. Over the years “Share What You Wear” has continued to evolve. Zoe explains,  “It started out in a barn where each child was allowed a certain number of items that were “bought” with Share What You Wear bucks, to now allowing each child to leave with unlimited amounts of anything they want. The first 4 years the items were organized in my basement until the final August event, and now everything is housed in a warehouse provided by NCJW to accommodate all of the clothes, a result of the incredible involvement of the community.”

Children delight in the incredible selection of books

Children delight in the incredible selection of books

A Dream Come True: A large party hall is transformed into a trendy "back to school" boutique

A Dream Come True: A large party hall is transformed into a trendy “back to school” boutique


SWYW definitely covered all of the back to school essentials!


All Smiles: Zoe's dream touches the lives of many in the community

All Smiles: Zoe’s dream touches the lives of many in the community

Zoe and the legacy of “Share What You Wear” have a bright future ahead of them. So what does the future hold for “SWYW” and co-founder Zoe Baris? Zoe assures us that “the future is so bright and endless for SWYW.” According to Zoe, the success of SWYW will continue for years to come because “There is no limit to the amount of people it can help and the amount of good it brings to the community.” As far as Zoe, her future is just as bright. Zoe reveals, “I plan on using the same skills that I have built upon since SWYW; my creativity, entrepreneurial skills, my background in business, and my desire to give back to create an amazing future. I have one semester left in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and I plan on learning as much as I can and meeting as many people I can to help me fulfill my dreams.”


This year, Orange High School Senior, Jordan Davis took charge and helped organize the 2013 “Share What You Wear” event. (Click here to read about Jordan’s successful clothing drive at Orange High School). As a 2009 graduate of Orange High School myself and a native of Pepper Pike, Ohio, there was no hesitation for me to ask how Fashion Focus and I could help!

Our very stylish SWYW flyer!

Our very stylish SWYW flyer!

The countless, endless boxes of clothes

The countless, endless boxes of clothes

Fashion Focus was able to organize a campus wide clothing driving starting on April 1st, ending the last week of classes. We also were able to lend a hand to help Jordan fold, sort, and box the clothing for pickup, and help set up for distribution event this week at the Tudor Arms Double Tree hotel. And the rewards of this experience are endless. It’s such an amazing feeling to have contributed to this amazing program and to see the end result of Zoe and Jordan’s hard work. I feel so lucky to gotten to know these incredible friends of mine. <3 SO PROUD!

An Amazing journey continues for Zoe, 6 years later!

An Amazing journey continues for Zoe, 6 years later!

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