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Spreading cheer: Ursuline serves women and children at Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center holiday event


The Marketing Department represented the College last night at the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center‘s annual Twinkle Shop, an event for families living at the agency’s shelter to shop for holiday gifts for one another, have a delicious meal and play like crazy. The Marketing gals took photos of each family with Santa and ran a craft table. Moms and their children decorated frames to display their new photos!

Thanks for having us, DVCAC! For more information about the Center, visit dvcac.org.

Support Art Therapy and Counseling Zimbabwe service trip at the Cleveland Flea

Three Art Therapy and Counseling Program, Ursuline College students are travelling to Zimbabwe in December to support children who have been orphaned by AIDS, suicide and/or violence. Stop by The Cleveland Flea this Saturday to support our students!

The Cleveland Flea is “a place to find lovely handmade goods and to happen upon an item that sparks memories of times past.” You can find items crafted from cherished possessions re-purposed, locally made jewelry, art, crafts, clothing, food and learn from artisans in The Maker Center, aimed at connecting our local talent with the community in a new way, on a new level.

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#UCstylefiles Dollar Store Design

I spent last week working at Ursuline ArtSpace’s Fashion Camp program which has become an annual event for me and Ursuline alum, Melissa Watson. To incorporate art, design, and fashion, the campers (ages 9-14) complete daily activities such as fashion illustration, arts and crafts, group dress design, and jewelry making–AND we present all completed designs in a fashion show produced by the fashion campers with help from Sr. Kathleen Burke, Zsuzsa Cespyani, and ArtSpace staff, including our special guest, Dr. Connie Korosec, chair of the Ursuline Fashion Department.

This year I taught a craft project that is fun for all ages–and is easily funded on a college student’s budget. I created a simplified version of the Petal Bib Necklace project based on Jenni Radosevitch’s fabulous necklace. For more of Jenni’s amazing DIY’s visit her I SPY DIY blog to learn more!

This is what you need:

• Foam visors–available at the dollar store

• Scrap Fabric

• Glue-tacky glue or hot glue work marvelously! NOTE: If short on time, $$, or supplies staples can be substituted for glue!



Foam Visors Photo Cred: Google Images


Step #1: Remove coiled plastic bland from the visor so the visor lays flat on your table or work surface.

Step #2: Cut your scrap fabric into approximate “circles,” there is no need for perfection!

Step #3: Glue (or staple) your fabric circles to the visor by folding the sides of the circle in and securing them with glue.

Step #4: After covering the entire base with fabric “petals,” insert ribbon into the holes on the sides of the visor where the coiled band was removed.


Want to add variation to your bib necklace? This is how Melissa folded her fabric “petals.”

Melissa folded each fabric circle in half 3 times and then stapled them in place onto the base, the foam visor.