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Sustainability in Food Sources

By Kyle Jackson

Sustainability is something that I never really knew about or understood the importance of until I got to college. I wasn’t completely like that person who thinks global warming was a myth and that the environment just takes care of itself, but I definitely lacked an understanding of the pressing environmental issues that are at our doorstep. Since learning the basics about living responsibly and sustainably, I have made some efforts to live my life accordingly.

Growing up my family always recycled whenever it was available, but this was mostly out of convenience since a lot of times recycling is free and trash services cost money. In Michigan, almost all products in disposable plastic bottles and aluminum cans cost an additional ten cent deposit which can be retrieved by recycling them at the local grocery store. This in particular has served as an extremely effective method of cleaning up the environment because people are less likely to throw their cans and bottles away and definitely less likely to throw them out of their car while driving. Even if cans and bottles become litter, there is incentive for random strangers to pick them up and cash them in, which many do.

One other way in which I live a more sustainable life is by hunting and consuming the meat from the abundant whitetail deer population. As opposed to industrial farm raised beef, pork, or chicken, venison is a much leaner and cleaner meat to consume. Plus, the lack of effective natural predators in this region of the country has spawned massively overpopulated communities of deer. By humanely hunting and consuming their meat, it can both help control the deer population as well as keep money out of the pockets of the corporate farms responsible for so much animal abuse as well as meat contamination.

College in CLE: Cultural Cuisine

You may know of my wanderlust or read about my interminable desire to explore the vast cultural culinary dishes this world has to offer. Well, after visiting The Algebra Tea House, I had an idea to dine out once a month with a group of friends at a new ethnic food restaurant.

I’ve been craving Indian ever since I returned home from London this summer. The UK offers the most expansive Indian delicacies (outside of India, of course) due to their deep roots in the spice trade centuries ago. So, it was a must that our first group outing was to the Taj India Palace.

I won’t lie, when everyone sat down, we realized we had absolutely no idea what to order. It was luck that recent Ursuline graduates Brandi McCormick and Cossette Ghanem were dining out and gave us some wonderful tips. They suggested we order the Thali & Masala Dosai. The food was absolutely phenomenal and we ended up having a group share of all the dishes. I find it incredibly interesting how flavorful Indian food can be. I’ve experienced nothing like it!

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