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Where they are now: Inspirational Alumnae – Erica Merritt ’99

Erica Merritt ‘99, Associate Director of Advocacy, Inclusion and Public Policy at Greater Cleveland YWCA

Recently, alumna Erica Merritt ‘99 came to campus to give a talk on her passion: Equity. Merritt recently took the position of associate director of advocacy, inclusion and public policy at the YWCA Greater Cleveland. She has the opportunity to take on developing relationships with the corporate community and building connections with public and grassroots leaders in Northeast Ohio.

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Ursuline College and Wells Fargo Advisors to host leadership development event March 20


Ursuline College’s Center of Excellence in Ethical and Entrepreneurial Leadership in collaboration with Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, invite you to discover how resilient leaders use emotional intelligence competencies to improve effectiveness. This professional development luncheon event is open to all individuals in the Northeast Ohio community who are interested in learning new techniques to enhance their leadership skills. The event will be held on Thursday, March 20, 2014, from 11:30-1:30 pm, at Landerhaven in Mayfield Heights. This is the third leadership event to be hosted by Ursuline College’s Center of Excellence in collaboration with Wells Fargo Advisors.

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Viva Orlando—for a day: Ursuline College’s ARROWS mentoring program receives Student Leadership Award

Blog by Jamie Carter, Studentjenzabar_blog_1

It had been a trying week to say the least. Having completed my last final exam of the semester, I exited Mullen 213 nearly crawling, subconsciously wishing my bed could meet me half way. Still I forced myself to check my email. Not that I was looking for anything in particular, but as I passed the computer lab, I got a feeling that menacingly called me to stop in and check it. I logged in. A message from Coach McKnight: “[We have received a grant from Jenzabar for the mentoring program, they want two students to go to Orlando… I need to know asap…]”. Shaking myself more alert, I re-read the email. “To: Jamie Carter, From: Cindy McKnight, cc: …”—WOAH! I looked around unsure if the loud “WOAH” in my head had escaped my vocal chords. With more sophistication, I humbly accepted the invitation. Two things just happened that was about to change (as my mentees would say) “the game”:  Someone had believed, and therefore financially supported our “baby “(the Ursuline College A.R.O.W.S mentoring program)—and I was going to Orlando, Florida. Fatigue was nowhere in sight.

“Hi, my name is Jamie Carter—“

jenzabar_blog_2“Yes, Miss. Carter…” the agent politely interrupted me as though she were expecting my call. I had contacted the instructed company to book my flight. Everything was already taken care of, I needed only to choose aisle or window. As I was going through the motions of preparation, I still couldn’t believe that I was about to go on my very first business trip, if you will. Just days prior, I was second guessing God’s calling me back to Cleveland/ Ursuline College;  finals week (or any obstacle for that matter) can often cause one to second guess their purpose or goals, however “this” was confirmation that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

“This” is properly known as the Jenzabar foundation’s Student Leadership Award. The A.R.R.O.W.S mentoring program was being recognized for having made a “significant contribution to better the world outside of their [institution] of higher education” (jenzabarfoundation.org). My job was to present our program at JAM 2013 (Jenzabar’s Annual Meeting), and to accept the award on behalf of Ursuline College, Sister Diana, and the A.R.R.O.W.S program—no pressure. Seriously though, besides my fierce stage fright, there was no pressure. I alongside Ursuline College’s grant writer Jimeka Holloway presented the A.R.R.O.W.S mentoring program from the heart. From 3-5 pm at the magnificent Gaylord jenzabar_blog_3hotel (which hosted hundreds of individuals attending JAM 2013) I exclaimed to passerby via poster presentation that we have a passionate group of freshman/ sophomore mentors at Ursuline College, who have on top of an already demanding schedule (being mostly student athletes), committed their four years to guiding their mentee through high school. Our mentees are freshman girls from Warrensville Heights High School. Aside from the shocking obstacles that these girls face solely because of the generation that they are growing up in; added to their hurdles, are educational, economic and racial hardships and statistics. They were chosen by their principals to join our program because of their strong desire to become successful despite the entities against them.