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Breen School of Nursing Dean Pat Sharpnack discusses Ebola virus on WKYC-TV news

New college and career initiatives coming to Ohio high schools


Perhaps you’ve heard: beginning this school year, the State of Ohio will roll out great new initiatives to impact the postsecondary success of our high school graduates.  When this year’s HS freshmen are juniors, for starters, they’ll be able to take the ACT or SAT for free.

While test waivers existed before for the neediest students, this effort, I think, sets expectations for all students to evaluate college as an option, and reduces barriers to college access. What’s more is that the OGT is also going away, and students who score at a college-readiness benchmark on the ACT or SAT (or) earn passing scores on new exams offered at the end of 7 major core courses (or) complete an approved licensure program and job assessment for career readiness will qualify for graduation in this state.

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A Fond Farewell to Christine Wynd

wyndSt. John College graduate, Dr. Christine Wynd, Ph.D., RN ’74SJ, Dean of the Breen School of Nursing and Strawbridge Professor since 2007, recently left the College to accept the position of President and Dean of The Mount Carmel College of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio.

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Sneak peek >> Summer 2014 Issue


Support Art Therapy and Counseling Zimbabwe service trip at the Cleveland Flea

Three Art Therapy and Counseling Program, Ursuline College students are travelling to Zimbabwe in December to support children who have been orphaned by AIDS, suicide and/or violence. Stop by The Cleveland Flea this Saturday to support our students!

The Cleveland Flea is “a place to find lovely handmade goods and to happen upon an item that sparks memories of times past.” You can find items crafted from cherished possessions re-purposed, locally made jewelry, art, crafts, clothing, food and learn from artisans in The Maker Center, aimed at connecting our local talent with the community in a new way, on a new level.

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‘Words of Wisdom’ for this year’s grads from faculty and staff

#UCGrad14 from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

38th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival opens March 19


By JoAnne Podis, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs at Ursuline College.

Hooray! It’s that time of year again—time to visit Mongolia, Spain, India, France, and more than 60 other countries. What’s that, you say, no money or time? No problem! Thanks to the 38th annual Cleveland International Film Festival, opening on March 19, you can virtually visit all of them over the course of eleven spectacular days.

If you have never attended CIFF, you are in for a treat. More than 340 films, both feature-length and shorts, are screened, and the latter are eligible for Oscar consideration, making the festival very attractive to top filmmakers (this year’s Oscar-winning short screened at the Cleveland festival last year). Many of the films are followed by a question and answer session that includes not only the director and the writer but very often one or more of the stars as well. Being able to interact with them means that your level of enjoyment and appreciation can only increase.

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#UCStyleFiles clothing with a cause

Founded in 2010, "Downs Designs" is the first company of its kind.

Founded in 2010, Downs Designs is the first company of its kind.

There are many niches in the fashion industry, from high fashion to costume wear, to performance-wear garments for people in the coal or oil industries.  But another very important market is for specially designed garments for people with disabilities who often have difficulty finding clothing that fits properly.

Based in Mentor, Ohio, Downs Designs is a local company that is the first and only company of its kind.  Downs Designs was founded to provide comfortable clothing to fit the unique body shape of a person with Down Syndrome.  Those with Down Syndrome typically have shorter legs and have less muscle tone which leads to a rounder belly.  Additionally, people with Down Syndrome also lack fine motor skills, which make it difficult to wear regular jeans with zippers and buttons.

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Ursuline College Legal Studies Program and Cleveland Association of Paralegals to Host Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French

headshotUrsuline College’s Legal Studies Program and the Cleveland Association of Paralegals welcome Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French to Ursuline’s Campus Thursday, February 13. French will talk with the College’s students and community about her professional experience in the field of law.

“The Legal Studies Program is thrilled to partner with the Cleveland Association of Paralegals to bring Justice French to campus. Her dedication to public service is an incredible inspiration to the students. We are honored that she has chosen to speak with the Ursuline College legal community to share her experience in the judiciary,” said Anne Murphy Brown, J.D., Director of the Legal Studies Program at Ursuline College.

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Internship Ideas for PR & Marketing Majors


I’ll never forget my internship experience. When I first set foot into the news department at WKYC-TV, I was an eager, wide-eyed, twenty-one-year-old college student ready to experience the hardboiled world of journalism. My first day, I had the chance to go undercover with a veteran reporter. Were we delving into the latest crime mystery? Not exactly. I was actually invited to join the consumer reporter to test out jean sizes in various stores (seeing if a size 2 at Target was different from a size 2 Nordstrom).

From my first day to the end of the second semester as an intern in the news department WKYC-TV, I jumped at every opportunity I was offered. The real world experience I achieved continues to help me as a marketing and public relations professional today. Northeast Ohio  is a treasure trove of internship opportunities for PR & Marketing majors. Here are some PR and Marketing focused internship ideas based on your interests.  Whether you’re an activist, arts and culture enthusiast, news junkie or a creative corporate – Cleveland has an opportunity for you!

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