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Spring livin’ suggestions: your best closet ever

Alright – we are in the final stretch of winter. (We promise!) Only 7 more days ’till it is officially spring. To help you get ready for the season, we are sharing our spring 2014 suggestions – drawing inspiration from Women’s History Month, of course!

We are little obsessed with closets right now. This spring, Professor and Chair of Fashion, and Historic Costume Collection Curator Dr. Connie Korosec will be presenting at our 15th Annual Faculty Lecture Series, “The Best Closet in Cleveland: 30th Anniversary of the Historic Costume Collection.” The College will celebrate fashion thirty years in the making and over 3,500 pieces of 20th Century American fashion, donated by Greater Clevelanders. The lecture (free and open to the public) will be held Tuesday, April 8th at 7PM in the Mullen Little Theater. It’s our very own piece of of women’s history!

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Advice for Recent College Graduates: Achieve Financial Fitness

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.57.24 PM

Ursuline College, was deemed “financially fit” in 2013 by both Forbes Magazine and the U.S. Department of Education. Forbes rated the financial fitness of 925 private colleges and universities in the country and Ursuline sits at 241 among those 925 schools. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Education released its College Financial Responsibility Composite Scores for private non-profit and proprietary schools and for the tenth consecutive year, Ursuline earned a perfect score.To celebrate, we wanted to share some tips for recent college grads on how to achieve financial fitness.

Put your math skills to work. At Ursuline College, no matter what your major was, you were required to take at least one math class. Take some time to create a budget. Knowing the what, where and when of your bills will help you prepare for financial fitness. Not sure where to start? There’s an app for that. Try “Mint,” an application that lets you know if you’re close to spending over your monthly budget. The app can delegate how much to spend on groceries, entertainment, rent or your mortgage, electricity, etc.

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#UCstylefiles Dorm DIY!


Image Via Pinterest

One of my favorite classes in the fashion program was Visual Merchandising with professor Jennifer Knaus. We were given lots of projects designed to challenge ourselves to design store layouts and window displays, while finding and creating beautiful compositions from every day items such as paint swatches.

I’m most proud of my vignette composition:


After creating countless paint swatch lollipop “pinwheels,” garlands, and “candies” I fell madly in love with being able to design and create with paint swatches. I then realized that paint swatches are an easy commodity for college students to get their hands on, so why not devote this entry to fun, easy projects to bring color and excitement to your dorm!


I created my own version of this paint swatch “painting,” directions and a sneak peek are below:

This is what I used:
Paint Swatches
Recycled Cardboard (it was inside a package)
Glue–Adhesive Spray, glue sticks, and rubber cement were all used accordingly!


To create my wall art, I cut various paint swatches into triangles to create my “pinwheel” motif. To adhere to the cardboard, I sprayed the cardboard with adhesive spray, working in small areas. Rubber Cement was used to secure the triangles to the cardboard. (Glue sticks came into play when the swatches became stubborn and fell off). My composition is for now a work in progress, but I’m going to decide whether or not I like the organic look of the cardboard in between, or I may continue to fill in the entire sheet. To finish the project, I will matte and frame it and voila! (Photos to follow once completed).



Photo Cred: Pinterest

Don’t you love those simple, yet stunning fringe tops that are becoming a summer wardrobe staple? I personally cannot get enough of them! So, in the spirit of Transformation Tuesday, I’m going to show you how I transformed a simple tank top into something a bit more stylish!

This is what you need:

˙tank top (this is the tricky part because some fabric will not allow you to strip dye off)




And this is how I made it:

Step 1: Pour the bleach into a container (just a few inches of bleach will do) and let the bottom of the tank soak.

Step 2: (Safely discard bleach–I poured it down the drain) and transport the tank to your designated drying area and let it sit in the sun for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Depending how the tank top looks, thoroughly rinse bleach and place the tank top back in the RINSED container, or a bag to SAFELY transport into the house to dry–or let it continue to dry outside.

Step 4: After the tank top has dried completely, use scissors to remove the hem. (You can just cut the hem off as straight as possible, or cut it in a curved fashion.

Step 5: Begin making slits up from the hem to your desired length. Continue making “fringe” around the entire top, spacing slits as desired.

Step 6: (Optional) Knot each individual piece of fringe at the top or bottom.

Below is the transformation “journey” in pictures:


Grab some bleach and scissors and let the transformation begin!


NOTE: I created this masterpiece outside to avoid all possible mishaps with bleach!



The bleaching process was gradual…


…so this is how it the bleach did its magic on another top




Remove the hem and begin cutting slits into the fabric


And here’s the finished product!

Tune in next time for more awesome DIY’s, trend reports, Dorm make-overs, and much much MORE! xo

-Susan Hayley Fox