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Fridays with B&B: relishing in all things Cleveland, part one


A weekly conversation between your campus Marketing gals Brittney & Becca. TGIF! 

After taking a “Good Friday” break last week, we are talking Cleveland: Why Becca loves her hometown and how Britt is growing to feel the same about her new home. We had the opportunity to grab lunch in Ohio City with the blogger behind I Heart Cleveland, Charity D’Amato –  aka, a fabulous resource for all things Cleveland! Below is the first installment of our two-part series featuring Charity. Part two to come soon!

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Winter Break… On a Budget

So it’s happened, Christmas and New Year’s have finally come… and now passed.

I know I’m thinking, “What on Earth do I do for the next few weeks before my life is ruled by my planner and consumed with school again.”

Well, here’s a few fun, exciting and most importantly inexpensive things to do in the Cleveland area over break:

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