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Recycle for Sustainability

By Bea Indurain


Many years ago, at my home in Spain, we started recycling. At home we have five different trash receptacles. The brown one where we throw away food, the yellow one where we throw away plastics and cans, the blue one where we throw away paper, the green one which is just for glass, and the grey one where we throw away things that cannot be recycled or composted. There are two reasons we started doing this: first, the town where we live has mandatory recycling, and, second, because of my mother.

Anyone that does not recycle in our town gets a fine from City Hall. There is a company that stops at each house every day to pick up a different kind of trash. Mondays and Wednesdays are plastic day, Tuesdays and Thursdays are organic day, Fridays are glass day, Saturdays are paper day, and Sundays are for all other trash. Also, if someone takes out the wrong trash, the company does not pick it up, and they leave a note saying “wrong trash”.

My mother is a biologist and she cares about the environment. I like recycling because it is one thing that humans can control and do for nature and for the environment. I think everyone should recycle. When people do not recycle, we waste a lot of material that could be reused. Also, not recycling leads to cutting down more trees and using more natural resources. When I recycle, I feel like I am helping the environment. Recycling is something that everyone should do. It takes very little time or effort. Instead of putting all of the trash together, you only have to separate it!​

Trending: #BringBackOurGirls and #RealMenDontBuyGirls


BBC – The hashtag #RealMenDontBuyGirls has been tweeted thousands of times in the past few days in connection with the abducted girls in Nigeria. It’s reported that Hollywood celebrities have endorsed the campaign, but things are not exactly as they first appear.

#RealMenDontBuyGirls is trending in the US, Nigeria, Spain, the UK and elsewhere, and the vast majority of tweets call for the release of the more than 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria. It’s being used widely together with #BringBackOurGirls, which has now been tweeted more than 1.6 million times globally.

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