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UC Tour of Italy: First Day in Rome

Even though it was our first day in Rome, Enrica had us moving all over the city – seeing as much as we could before collapsing into the Empire Palace Hotel rooms for the night. The hotel, once a palace, is now a beautiful hotel located inside old Rome. We saw the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and for the fashion students & alumnae, Valentino’s altiere. In the photos you will see the Trevi Fountain and Valentino’s mini Palace. You will see the V over the door and in the far left hand side of the photo in a window, a mannequin. As a fashion graduate, it was fun to see and I really hoped he would step outside to take a walk, but I guess I wasn’t lucky enough.

Rome was full of life and full of travelers last night, much busier than the Amalfi. Off to the Coliseum tomorrow!