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Women Watch: remembering women and children, victims of violent crimes


The Ursuline College community will gather at 2:30 PM Monday, Mar 31 for Women Watch, an annual tribute to the women and children in Cuyahoga County who have died violently during the past year, and Sr. Joanne Marie Mascha who was murdered in a wooded area on campus by a mentally ill neighbor in 1995. Women Watch is hosted annually by the student-run Sr. Dorothy Kazel Club and Student Art Organization.

“We walk to remember those who have died violent deaths but also to remember to be nonviolent,” Ursuline Art Department professor Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot, O.S.U., M.F.A., said.

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Guest Blog: DVCAC’s Teen Advocate Megan Gergen discusses dating violence


February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month! I am excited to introduce myself, Megan Gergen, as the new Teen & Young Adult Advocate at the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center, located in Cleveland. I previously worked with DVCAC at the agency’s emergency shelter as a youth and women’s advocate. After a brief time away, I am happy to be back working at the agency!

In my role, I work with young people, ages 13-24, who have, or who are currently experiencing, dating violence. I assist with risk assessments and safety planning, provide advocacy at police stations and through the court and protection order process as well as provide support and/or connect individuals with counseling referrals or services.

So, what is exactly is dating violence? Dating violence is a patter of behaviors that an abuser uses to gain power and control over a victim. This can be through different forms of abuse including physical (hitting, pushing, slapping, etc), emotional (insults and threats, among others), sexual (touching, coercing, any action that you don’t feel comfortable with), verbal (name calling, yelling, swearing…), and financial abuse (controlling your money, social media, stalking your communications). As many as one in five college females will experience some form of dating violence! And young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence – almost triple the national average. What’s even more staggering is that only 33 per cent of teens and young people ever tell someone about the abuse.

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Female Veteran

Remembering Women on Veterans Day

Female VeteranToday we celebrate Veterans Day; a day to recognize the many contributions of women and men in the armed forces, and day to call for peace.  Certainly, we must always acknowledge the incredible sacrifices of every man and woman who has served our nation; however today I would like to call on you to give special consideration to the many women who fight an “invisible war” within the world of our military – the war against sexual violence.

Rape within the military is at an all time high; nearly 23,000 violent sexual crimes were committed in 2011 alone.  Some have argued that women are putting themselves in the position to be raped by joining the military.  Liz Trotta of Fox News is one who has made this argument and claims that women want to be “warriors and victims at the same time.”  She also stated that if women choose to serve in the military, they should expect to be raped and stop raising such a fuss about it. Read More