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#UCInstaLyfe: follow @UrsulineCollege on Instagram


Thanks for following Ursuline’s #UCInstaLyfe story and its’ heroine Angie this past month! Angie, the reoccurring character, is inspired by Ursuline’s foundress St. Angela Merici. Angie represents qualities that all Ursuline students possess: strength, courage, ingenuity and determination. She represents you! We’ve had so much fun with this campaign and hope you have too. All illustrations are by Ginette Montoya. Check out the full instagrid below!

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Ursuline Receives $200,000 gift from the Saint Luke’s Foundation for Denise San Antonio Zeman Endowed Scholarship

scholarship gift

Ursuline is pleased to announce that the College recently received a gift of $200,000 from the Saint Luke’s Foundation to endow a scholarship in honor of alumna Denise San Antonio Zeman.

“Denise Zeman is an outstanding leader in our community and we are extremely proud that she is a graduate of Ursuline College. This generous gift from the Saint Luke’s Foundation in honor of Denise will establish an endowed scholarship at the College that will allow future leaders of Cleveland to receive an Ursuline education. We are grateful to the Foundation for their investment in Ursuline and our future,” Kevin Gladstone, Ursuline College Vice President for Institutional Advancement, said.

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#TGIF Friday inspiration.


Share, make your own signs, spread the word – let’s #BringBackOurGirls


Nigeria abducted girls: Why hasn’t the rescue effort produced results?

CNN – With every passing day, the wait for the kidnapped Nigerian girls gets more agonizing.

Boko Haram seized the nearly 300 schoolgirls and vanished into a dense forest last month. Their abduction sparked a global movement as throngs took to the streets demanding their rescue.

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Fridays with B&B: educate a woman


A weekly conversation between your campus Marketing gals Brittney & Becca. TGIF! 

Becca: Did you see Tina Fey is producing a new show about women’s college’s?
Britt: Yeah, I heard, read a little about it. There’s not much info out about the show yet. I can’t wait to watch. Anything Tina Fey does turns to gold.
Becca: All we know is that it’s about a women’s college that goes co-ed. And it’s a comedy. But, you’re right, it will be gold.
Britt: “That’s gold, Jerry! It’s gold!” Did I tell you Ursuline received a tweet from Chatham University in Pittsburg? There is talk of the college going co-ed, so a student reached out for our support against it.

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This is our “something”: Ursuline Arrows stride through season without their gym

gymAs members of the Arrows’ Volleyball team step up into a white cube van on a warm fall afternoon, carefully, one after the other, it is hard not to notice their lethargy. Hard practice, play and late night studying may contribute to the fatigue, but the root of their expression is travel.

At 3:45 a.m., July 20, 2013, Ursuline College felt the first disaster in its 142-year history – a tornado. The EF1 strength funnel swept through campus, causing the west wall of the O’Brien Athletic Center to collapse, disfiguring windows, its roofs, railings and doors and sending debris flying more than two miles away. More than 167 mature trees were snapped and twisted. Many more were left uprooted, their insides exposed.

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Behind-the-Scenes: The College’s Brand

I have the privilege of serving as the Marketing Director at Ursuline College. It is a job I find both challenging and fulfilling as I use my creative and strategic abilities to help move the College forward. I have served in this role for five years and one of the aspects of the job I enjoy the most is serving as Ursuline’s brand manager (although folks on campus might refer to my team as the “brand police”). Branding is illustrating various aspects unique to Ursuline and communicating those differentiators to all audiences.

There are many great qualities about Ursuline that are distinctive, such as the personal attention we provide our students or the rich history of educating women who are challenged to change the world in both big and small ways. The marketing department strives to maintain the legacy of the College while moving ahead with the College’s mission. The goal is to let the outside audience know what Ursuline stands for through several communication vehicles. Building a strong brand has been an essential part of creating quality awareness for the College.


Representing an authentic, values-based education is carried throughout everything the marketing department produces, whether it be a printed piece, messaging on the website or a promotional video. Additionally, Ursuline’s design elements reflect the College genuinely through authentic photos of students, faculty and alumnae in real-world situations. Using design elements such as the fleur de lis creates something recognizable at a glance to our external audiences.

When I first came on board as the marketing director, just about every area of the College was using different messaging and design elements to promote Ursuline. According to best practices, consistency is key in creating a strong brand. As with any change, there was resistance at first. But with the support of the administration, the College has come a long way in terms of creating a uniform message and solid brand.

On campus, I don’t mind being known as the chief of the brand police because I know it will help move the College forward. The marketing department will continue to explain that PMS 286 (Ursuline blue) is not our favorite color, but rather the color that was chosen based on elements within the College’s mission. For us, creating the brand goes beyond personal preference and holds true to the guidelines that have been established. It has been a challenging but worthwhile experience to help build Ursuline’s brand. Click here to learn more about Ursuline’s brand.

Angela DelPrete is Ursuline College’s Marketing Director. As an alum she strives to maintain the Ursuline’s heritage and mission while helping to build a brand relevant to key audiences.

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The Ursuline College community shares why we are thankful this holiday season. Watch Marketing work-study student Maggie Stark’s video and find out why.

Share your holiday memories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hashtag #UCThanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

thankful. from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

thankful. part 3. from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

thankful. part 2. from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

thankful. part 1. from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

Egypt Goes To The Polls For Parliamentary Elections

You Gotta Fight for Your Right!

American citizens have the right to vote; it says so in the Constitution, doesn’t it?

Not so fast …

You may be surprised to know that there is no explicit statement of a right to vote in the Constitution (In fact, in May of this year, Democratic Representative Mark Pocan of Wisconsin proposed a constitutional amendment, in a bill co-sponsored by fellow Democrat Keith Ellison of Minnesota, making the right the right to vote explicit)—we have only statements prohibiting certain practices or restrictions that interfere with one’s ability to cast a vote (i.e. poll taxes, which were designed to disenfranchise the poor, or disenfranchisement based on sex or race). Thus, the history of voting rights in the United States has been a process of expansion through negation—usually through federal action, such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965, that supersedes voting laws otherwise left to state discretion, and dictates to the states conditions under which they may not interfere with access to the vote.

Who knew? (many people, it turns out, but not as many you’d think—or as many as should know). Voting is one important way in which adult citizens can officially register their positions and opinions on various matters, from choosing government officials, to funding of school s, to support of local social services. Elections such as the one today, focused largely on issues of local interest and impact (school levies, etc.), tend to have anemic voter turnout, because not much seems to be at stake as with a national election. I urge everyone to exercise your voting voice—especially in light of our Ursuline mission—to make an official declaration of your values and your vision for your community, your state, and ultimately, your country. It’s cliché to say so (OK, thank you Captain Obvious!), but when so many have risked their lives to gain and to defend access to the vote, when there are so many places in the world in which free, fair and open elections, access to the vote, and self-determination are merely dreams, it seems irresponsible and even immoral to waste the opportunity.

It’s easy to get discouraged about, even fearful of speaking out, in the face of social or familial pressure, financial concerns, government stalemate, (and myriad other factors) and to feel that your voice/vote doesn’t matter, that it will have no impact, or that it might “make trouble” for you. But the fact that “right” to vote doesn’t technically exist in our Constitution makes it all the more precious and necessary to use. I am inspired by the images here of people waiting in long lines to vote, to brave all kinds of threats and dire conditions, and by the joyful face of a young Iraqi woman triumphantly holding up her purple-inked finger after casting her vote. So vote and make your voice heard!

Egypt Goes To The Polls For Parliamentary Elections

Cairo, Egypt, parliamentary election. November
28, 2011.

Voters in Grand Rapids 11-6-12

Voters wait in line at Harrison Park Elementary School in Grand Rapids, Mich. Tuesday, November 6, 2012